Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Sunday

Up early and tv with H. Then a walk in Dreamy Draw with family. Gorgeous and lots of people. The LGO and I had Mueseli and H had a bit. Maria tried some and hated it. Then home and more maintenance on foundation of house. Jackey and H skinny dipped in play pool in backyard. We're going to the Shaeffer's for early supper and visit. Laundry almost done. The life!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting started

Today we slept a bit late. Harrison had a rough night starting at 3:30, and he stayed asleep until 6:30. Strange for him, but not strange at all for a 9 month old. We putzed around the house, I mowed the lawn, and we had our 9:30 swimming lesson. He cried a bit but did fine overall. Then I had the idea to blog this part of my life - much to the amusement of my wife Maria. We had a laugh or two as I filled out the 'interests' section. Laugh all you want, but I do want to be a rock climber! Anyway, I also want to lose 25 pounds and learn to type 'also'. The plan for losing weight and getting in shape is to walk in the morning for 30 minutes, drink more water, and eat healthful food.