Friday, October 15, 2010

Gooder Form Running

Completely stripped then realized it was just shoes and socks time. Embarrassing!
I was at Runners Den last night for a class called Good Form Running. The idea for this class originated out of a running store in Michigan, and one of the founding philosophers, Nathan, is now working here in Phoenix. Nate is a decent guy and a really fast runner and is teaching this 4 step plan for free to whoever signs up for the class. I knew it would be a serious class when I saw that Nathan was wearing his Vibrams. Sadly, I am short on photos because it was difficult to remain inconspicuous about the camera. I got a glare or two from the other ten participants and decided that it would have to be described in text and through Google images.
Most shots look like this: bank surveillance system quality.
Because I obsessively read about and discuss running, I was at least aware of all four tenets of the program, but it was nice to hear rationale behind each. Anyone can go to the website and get most of the information, but there are in-class examples and explanations that make it comprehensible of there is any doubt.
I knew Jamoosh was in this somehow! Barefoot!!
We introduced ourselves one at a time, our running history, sexual orientation, and any running injury information. Kiiiinnnnda like an AA meeting without the coffee and warts.
New to running and a bit sassy. I got her number.

As said, there were 11 of us, including one middle school kid with her mom who was trying to improve her form to compete in cross country. We went outside and Nathan video-filmed each of us running a short ten yard stretch once in shoes, and once barefoot. He explained that barefoot running  naturally puts most people into a near-perfect form.

He was not advocating barefoot running except as a spot-check once in a while. Nathan took us through the four points that would help our overall running experience.
Good posture head to feet (as in Kenyan style), cadence --180 foot strikes per minute, lean -gravity is our friend, and mid-foot strike -keeps the doctor away. Model and explanation for each, a bit of guided practice, and an invitation to join RD for the Saturday 6:30am group runs and/or the Wednesday 6pm group runs to run with Nathan and practice the form.

I like these kinds of gatherings and learning more about running injury-free. If you read my post from this past weekend, you know that when I tried the form, I was suddenly conversational in my seventh mile and maintaining a sub-10 pace. That has never happened. Looking forward to running with my team this weekend and trying these techniques again. Take care!!

Off topic, I bought a 3 hour maid service for Mrs. for mother's day, and we are finally using it today. God bless the woman who has to clean my shower.


Jamoosh said...

I didn't do it. I swear!

I have been running in shoes while my foot heals and will never go full on barefoot. But I do short jogs every now and again barefoot to remind my feet what they are supposed to be doing.

Morgan said...

Playmakers here in Lansing started the GFR classes! I just attended one a few weeks back. So informative!

Luke said...

get her number, not her VD!

RunningLaur said...

Glad you liked it! Just don't get to gooder at it, or I'll be struggling even more to keep up with you on the Sat morning runs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great class! I had read bout it on the website...good to know it's time well spent

Adam said...

So, are you going to buy a pair of vibrams and stop wearing deodorant now?

Serioustly though, that is pretty cool. It is times like these that I wish that I was in town more so I could go to stuff like this