Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goober? Non!

Peanut* Crops Fail, peanut* butter** prices rise by at least 40%. American beastiality practice took a sharp hit this quarter in response to failed peanut* crops this past Fall. Citing an almost 40% price rise for this aphrodiasiac-turned-sandwich spread, sexual deviant Thladius Rickover claims, "Things just aren't the same out in our barnyard these days. The stock is barely interested in me as it is. Now take away the only reward they get for their unsavory tasks, and you really have to make it an 'FTD moment' on your own. I just don't know", he says looking off into the distance where the cluck-clucks gobble gobbles from a neighbors turkey farm can just be heard.
Photo taken just before I crammed my face into this jar
After a run, I crave protein. I almost always rely on a PBJ*. But* now that my favorite foodstuff is pushing $7 per jar, I may have to switch up and try some of the other nut** butters* that we can get at the specialty counter, or look for alternative sources such as tofu and eggs. Eggs make me nervous for all the cholesterol, not to mention the cooking and guilt for not cleaning up after myself. And I eat tofu almost 5 times per week in my lunch salad. Chocolate milk? I hear and read lots about that and will work it in to the rotation. I'm wary of protein powders. Each have their positives and negatives, but all have their expense and ersatz nature.

What do you eat/drink after a workout? Any response to the rise in price?

*nut... he he he
** butt..... he he


ShutUpandRun said...

you should try macadamia nut butter. i think it's only $29.99 for 3 oz.

I stick to pb&j and chocolate milk for early/mid-day protein then move onto the big guns at night: steak, chicken, etc.

Ed said...

check out to see eggs and cholesterol in a new light!