Saturday, July 7, 2012

Runner's Garmin 305 Falls Apart

I've had my trusty Garmin 305 for about three and a half years now. It's been on my wrist for about 98% of my runs, and lately on my wife's wrist for her runs as well. Now the dang thing is broken and I haven't been able to run. The little band that holds the strap in tight finally broke and the rubber strap dangles out like..... like the way I would imagine one of Nitmos' rubber devices dangles out if I were to spend time imagining that sort of thing. (scratching out my mind's eye!!)

How annoying is this? Imagine trying to concentrate on maintaining pace, foot turnover, form, and a damn good look, while the rubber strap provocatively rubs against your nipple and flops around in the wind untethered and provocative. I feel like this has been an unavoidable reality. The sound output was never really strong, and about 6 months ago, I dropped the unit, and haven't heard a provocative "you just ran a mile in 8 minutes" beep since.
Yes Miley, you're a "grownup" (source)
I really like Garmin, and depend on the data it collects to motivate me and set goals. I really wish there were an improved data collection program for Apple operating systems such as Sporttracks, but that is still a PC exclusive. Now I will be spending my running time online looking for a replacement strap. There is a nifty one that comes with the Garmin 910XT, but my wife does not support purchasing the $395 gps unit that comes with it. Buuuuuut my beautiful and provocative wife has been wearing the 305 a LOT lately.... which has surely contributed to the demise of the strap......

Garmin has tried several Sport gps units on the market in the past few years, but none have been as popular and utilitarian as the Forerunner 305. You can still find them online at a wide variety of prices, and there is a Garmin trade-in program for a refurbished unit. I'm cheap and will order a 9 dollar velcro strap and wear this 305 until it melts in some mysterious fire.


mariag said...

The wife thinks the new strap works just fine. Happy to break it in for you this AM. And no, you don't need a new Garmin. xoxo

Running Through Phoenix said...

"Happy to break it in for you this AM" TWSS!!

Christina said...

When my 305 band broke I ordered another one through Garmin and was a happy camper again.

Jamoosh said...

Your wife broke it because she wants her own!!! FYI - I am blogging again at