Saturday, October 31, 2009

Been a while

I've been running off and on, mostly on for the past year and am gearing up for the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon followed by the PF Chang 1/2 marathon. A goal is to run the San Deigo full marathon on June 6 next summer which is my 44th birthday. I've been running with Scottsdale Running Company group runs but now our pace leader is jumping ship to go work for Runners Den. I guess it'll be me and my Garmin for a while. These posts of mine are so lame but I'll try to do better.

Post-Run Recovery Fuel:
Half of one red onion, small portion of left over red pepper, olive oil, 2 fennel and cheese chicken sausages, 3 eggs, tortillas. Heat olive oil in saute pan, add sliced onion and sliced red pepper. Saute for ten minutes or so until veggies are a bit cooked. Add sliced sausage and cook together until sausage is hot (it's pre-cooked), add eggs and scramble adding random spices and condiments from your spouse's collection. Turn off heat. Flame tortillas over stovetop flame flipping frequently with tongs until toasty and hot. Wrap egg/sausage mixture in tortillas and enjoy! Drink recommendation: water, chocolate milk.

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