Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don't Forget....

To lube. Dang it. And also Mother's Day..Don't forget Mother's Day. Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day (go now to Walgreens and get a fucking card....... ooohhhh a new Man vs. Wild episode!!) Went out for a long slow run this morning and didn't apply Sport Glide to my saddle area. Redness, soreness, abrasion, you get the idea. I've been responsible about using this product for anything over 6 miles for about two years now. Goes on dry, doesn't crumble, keeps the red out.

How does RTP use Sport Glide? First off, he doesn't on May 7, 2011. But he does other days. For those of you imagining some kind of soft focus, slinky music-laced, R-rated slow motion scene, let me assure you it's so much more than that. Think "Ghost" and you are halfway there. Body Glide has a lot of competitors but I haven't tried them. I've received two sticks of this stuff free from blogger contests. I suppose I'll have to buy some eventually and maybe I'll try some of the other stuff. Jamoosh extolls Anti-Monkey Butt, Adam likes Muellers (I think), and SUAR is loyal to to Astro Glide (I imagine) (link too disturbing to post).

This Glide stick I'm working on now is a combo formula that includes sunscreen??? (His fingers paused over the keyboard wondering whether to go on. And like the fat girl on prom night, he decides 'go all the way!!'). Sunscreen?? For there???!!!!????? Why would I need to slather my juncque and neighboring region with sunscreen? I have a few ideas from that one website, but it sure doesn't involve a ten mile run on the canal. Is it for those who run shirt-free? Without a shirt, there is no chance of chaffage!! Unless...
Yeah, that would do it.
Lessons learned: Lube up for long runs. Don't spend too much time scanning images on Google for topics like this.
RTP Rating for Sport Glide:
Cake = it's great and I highly recommend this product. Keep your fingers away from my mouth.


ShutUpandRun said...

I'm sending you some of that butt glide/paste (never used so no pubes). Seriously, send me your address.

Adam said...

Sorry, I'm a KY yours and mine kind of a guy. When I am cranking out 400s, I like an explosion between my legs.

gene said...

that subway picture....yea. gonna have bad dreams now. i thank you for that.
seriously, how have i stayed away for so long? i need to get back to my blogging and running roots.
great to see you are still here!
now, where DID i leave that salve???