Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 RTP Goals

2011 was a great year, due largely to the birth of our daughter Amelia. She is now almost 5 months old and defining childhood obesity thriving in a spiritually positive household. I have also been a nomad at work, Principalling at four different sites while our new school has been constructed. Now it's done and we move in this week and hopefully return to some sense of normalcy. Blogging has slowed down considerably for want of subject matter, but its definitely time to update the old resolution list and goal set for the year ahead.

  • January Challenge: My buddy Chris and I decided to set a 30 day challenge to jump start 2012. So, we are going to go these next 30 days sugar-free. No processed/refined sugars such as candy, cake, ice cream, soda, cookies, etc. Easy on the sugary fruits and veggies but okay in moderation. Also watch the high sugar producing carbs such as bagels and other foods heavy in white flour. Also, no sugar substitutes such as diet foods or even stevia. No sugar means no sugar. In addition, we are going to run everyday for these 30 days, but the usual 'non-running' days are limited to two miles slow. All will be logged in Myfitnesspal and Daily mile for accountability purposes. Penalties for cheating have not been formally established, but will likely include public humiliation involving a canal run with running bra and VERY short shorty shorts with a brown stain in the back. We will announce this if needed so you can be there to witness/photograph.
  • Follow a running plan for fitness and to set new PR's in the 5K and half marathon distances. My ultimate goal is to run a sub-25 minute 5K and to run a sub 2:00 half marathon. Not sure if I can make both of those this year. The plan will include running my long runs much longer and much slower, and running my short runs a bit longer and much faster. There will also be some speed/track work as the base gets built.
  • Run some trails
  • Race schedule: FYTO and SYTO 5K's, Runner's Den 10K, Pats' Run, ARR Summer Series 5K's, Some kind of race in Central Coast California while we are on vacation there, Grasshopper Bridge 5K, Cactus Cha Cha 7 mile trail run, ARR T'Giving Day Classic, Fiesta Bowl 1/2 marathon. I also need to work in a 1/2 marathon earlier in the year, but I haven't picked one out yet.
  • Ride the bike to school. Easier now that I will be at one site.
  • Enjoy family and friends
That's pretty much it. Not thrilling, but on the other hand, I'm just amazed to be setting goals like this and the see the progress I have made in the past three years. Thanks to all the Loyal RTP followers, and even to the lurkers though you are just plain creepy.

Got any experience with sugar-free? What can I expect? Late night DT's and hallucinogenic dreams about Willy Wonka? Or a much more mild withdrawal and the typical dreams about Oompa Loompas?

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ShutUpandRun said...

Damn I don't think I'd want to be around anyone going off of sugar.

Actually, my husband gave up dessert (not sugar entirely - he still does jelly, yogurt) 3 years ago. He lost 30 pounds and feels incredible. Still has not had one dessert in three years.

Good luck! Don't get too bitchy.

gene said...

the Munchin on the far left looks SOOOO happy to be there.....maybe he needs some Stevia?
I gave up candy just over 5 years ago, and i don't miss it at all. more often than not the smell of it makes me queasy....but i still put 'raw' sugar in my coffee. after a while, you will notice the subtle sweetness in a banana, and that will be 'enough' for you.
trust me....
and the bike idea? i like that. we live only 3 miles from where i work, but i still can't bring myself to run or ride. maybe this year....