Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Pasadena 1/2 Marathon Race Report

13.27 miles
2:03:42 Garmin Time
2:03:51 Chip Time

Have you ever heard that line about the the journey being worth more than the destination? That was the May 2012 Roadtrip to Pasadena for the 1/2 Marathon. Chris, Suzanne, and I headed out on Saturday at about 8am driving West on some flat-ass desert to go and embarrass some California poser-racers and bring their 1st place money back to Arizona (to spend on.... you guessed it, things that come from California). They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say just do captions, I'm tired and lazy  these should be worth about $2.98.
Lovely scenery as we approach the AZ/Cali border
Could I look any happier?
and do not try to bring agriculture across this border
Executive Vagabonds, that's us

Expo at the Santa Ana Racetrack
This place is huge!

Outdoor hot Expo, typical

Chris eating and drinking everything not nailed down
and I ate and drank the things that WERE nailed down
Art School
part of the Marathon relay route
"Do not touch" art. Touched it!
Staring at the magazine rack at the airport
Have you seen my dog? Anyone seen my dog? Anyone?
Race day porta potties
Really kinda cool
Designing Cars for 2022

Looking East down into the Rosebowl


Post Race Festivities

Playing Frankin's Tower


Volunteers not doing a very good job of.... Putting water into cups??!!????
Buffalo finisher!

Chris and Suzanne

Los Tres Amigos
Why I Run
Into the Fire
Windmills, 105 degrees, and snow up on those mountains
It was fun. I'd do it again. Now on to getting faster.......


Nitmos said...


You could easily chop off a few minutes just by resting your picture taking finger.

Christina said...

Nice job with the race.