Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 RTP Summer Goals

I've worked pretty hard the first half of this year to get into better shape. I put a big brake on sugary treats and started following a running plan. As a result, I've lost a little over 20 pounds (would like to drop 5-10 more), and have PR'ed every distance I have run by a relatively large margin. One of my 2012 year-long goals was to 'say good-bye' to the 10's. That is, pace times greater than 10 minutes per mile. I'm starting to push the 9 minute per mile mark, but what Phoenix so graciously gives in the mild winter, it sneeringly takes back in the summer.

Phoenix runners can almost always count on slower paces from mid-June through September. Many times, the heat is so debilitating that runners take a hiatus, switch to less rigorous aerobic activity like llama farming, or worst of all, run indoors on a treadmill--sometimes barefoot!! Sickening I know but that is the price we pay for a democracy with people named Larry.

Well not me! With only a few days of adieu, I present the first draft of my summer running goals*

  • Track work once per week focusing on improving ladder times as well as.......
  • One mile at sub 7:00
  • Maintain a base of 25-30 miles per week with 4-5 runs
  • PR the 5K distance at SYTO in July and again in September......
  • at the Grasshopper Bridge 5K finishing sub 25:00
  • 3X per week Kettlebell cross train -barefoot, YES BAREFOOT!**
  • Swim laps twice per week
  • ease up on hyphenation and made up words
  • Continue to document and report blog-world plagiarism
The summer schedule looks pretty consistent-- a trip to the coast, some work in the office, lots of family time. These goals should fit in nicely and set up this soon to be 46 year old for The RTP 2012 Fall running goals.

* I will certainly adieu and re-draft these goals as many times as I damn well please this summer
** Show me proof that pre-historical humans wore shoes while doing a kettlebell workout. I'll wait....
I thought so.


Christina said...

Where do you kettlebell? I have been wanting to look into that.

When you go to do your sub 7 min mile, are you going to go to a track? That would be easiest. 1:45 laps x 4. I can help pace you if you want.

I like your goal to swim twice a week. I should write down my goals too and include swimming.

I have some people on my Ragnar team but haven't put together a real roster yet. I think I have one or two openings and would love to have you join us.

Running Through Phoenix said...

I kettlebell on the back patio. I found a youtube video or two that describe some of the basic moves and I go with that. The one mile will be done on a track with Mr. Garmin. Weird, but pacing throws me off, I need to just be in charge of that myself. As for the pool, I go to El Dorado in Scottsdale. There are a bunch of triathletes and old swimmers and the atmosphere is pretty great. Almost always have to share a lane which is cool too. I just read a response to one of your posts about the kids who was killed and the danger. Do you feel thatmit is safe? I really want to do the Ragnar. Keep me in mind. I have some buddies who I know would join us.

Ted Braun said...

Being an ex-Phoenix resident and thus Phoenix runner can definitely concur and relate about the temperatures in the summer. There is still great running to be had in the summer - you just need to get out early.
Really good work with the weight-loss and your swimming plans are good ones. Swimming is an awesome supplement to running. You can take the pounding off your legs and pummel yourself into oblivion in the pool without having to worry about injury.

Christina said...

I'm working on a goal post (motivated from you) but I haven't finished it because I don't want to commit. Can't I just be a lazy bones?