Sunday, December 13, 2009

C1R0 Flu

After PR'ing in the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 last weekend I was struck with C1R0, the so-called 'runner's flu'. This malady affects mediocre runners all over America this time of year. Especially runners who are East coast football fans and from 2-couch households. C1R0 runners often justify and attempt to mask their symptoms by working in the yard, hanging Christmas lights, and exclaiming 'naptime!' several times during the weekend.

Couch 1 Runner 0 is a serious flu and should not be ignored. Seek running websites immediately and cast a blog out there. Other remedies include purchasing running gear and watching a Pre video. In extreme cases, C1R0 afflictees are ordered to review their BMI and undergo a lengthy visual self-scan in a well lit mirrored bathroom.

If you, or someone you know, is ignoring the symptoms of C1R0, seek help immediately. Go for a walk in your running clothes, go for a ten minute run, call a running partner and set an appointment, eat a salad, volunteer at a race -any race. You are not alone. Get help.


Anonymous said...

I had family in town this weekend so I've been noshing on a lot of foods in the same food group as those cupcakes- the yummy food group. I ate a salad with dinner tonight to feel like I'm eating something "healthy". I know you'll get some runs in again soon!

Adam said...

Funny, when I was down with a stress fracture I had a really bad case of EAF.

Turns out I would still Eat All Food in sight. Hopefully the spring race season will get me back in form.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in regards to that run I had from Scottsdale to Tempe? That day I started in a City of Scottsdale park (not sure the name) that is just north of McDowell and west of Hayden but east of Scottsdale Rd. You can see it on your right as McDowell bridges over the park /path. There's a skate park there too.