Sunday, December 20, 2009

Orange Juice

I'd like to invite all my followers (6 of you now!) and their friends to come over and take away some of the best juicing oranges ever. We have a tree that produces a huge crop every year. These are perfectly ripe right now through February. These oranges are guaranteed to improve your running, and keep away winter colds.

They are difficult to peel and have lots of seeds, so they aren't much fun to eat, but the juice is unbelievable. You can pick up a cheap juicer at about any store these days. We got ours at Ace Hardware a few years ago.

If you have family visiting or friends coming into town,  or just want to juice for your Phoenix family, send me an email (jgeyer66 at cox dot net). We live very close to 32nd street and Indian School. I'm off of work for the next couple of weeks, and we are being attacked by family from back East and Colorado, so I'll pretty much be staying put.

We usually end up giving bags of these away. Trust me, we have plenty. Take care followers!

1 comment:

Adam said...

You know.... I may take you up on this.

How long are they ripe for? It would give me an excuse to get up in your neighborhood - we could go on a group run.