Saturday, December 5, 2009


Here we go. I will again be running 13.1 miles tomorrow morning. I've tried to convince myself that it's just a training run, but I'm in the mode no matter what I try to do. I'll be running with 'When I get a little run run run' Lauren, and we will keep each other in check. My family is going to try to meet us at mile 6 or 7 and again at the finish. Here's my stuff for tomorrow:

  • ITB strap
  • Asics Cummulus 11, and lucky race socks
  • RRS Shorts
  • Sweatpants to wear on the ride over -supposed to be 35 degrees at start.
  • Long sleeve t, and short sleeve t over top
  • gloves - $1 el cheapos from Walmart, could discard if needed
  • warm skully and cooler skully to change into after mile two'ish. Running hat to wear over top
  • Garmin FR 305 and HR strap
  • nip bandaids and glide
  • gu -more for free on the course
  • in case inhaler
I'll have 1/2 bagel with PB and some coffee in am. I'm pretty damn excited. More after the race.

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed how organized you are the day before the race! I always start but have to finish up getting ready the morning of!