Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bucket List

You should note that my bucket is chrome/carbon fiber with a titanium handle. I'm thinking of having it ground thinner to save weight. My travel bucket is a pain. Tin! But it reminds me of the old days with Jill going up the hill.

I've had a good two week build up to the training plan. I'm running about 25 miles per week now and slowly ramping up. Times are good and I'm a bit sore, but uninjured. I love having run at 5:00am, but I have a hard time sleeping the night before. I'll get used to it. One great thing is that I'm dropping weight. 5 pounds in the last two weeks. About 10 more to go.

My bucket list has been difficult to establish. I have a lot of "I hope this gets better and better" type things. I hope my son grows up healthy and strong and if he ends up as a cage dancer in a West LA bar, I hope he makes good $$. I hope Maria and I continue to love each other, that our family and friends stay happy and healthy, and that retirement is long, golfy, and adventurous.

That brings me to item one in the BL: There is an independent coffee shop near my home that is very popular with early morning runners. (Hava Java read my review on Yelp). I go there any time between 5:30 and 6:30am a couple of times per week. This shop always has regulars and they all seem wealthy and retired --I mean year round regulars who will sit in the same circle in the 30 degree winter as well as the 95 degree summer. They all seem to know each other and the baristas call them by name.

They don't know my name even though I tip a shiny new quarter each time I visit. I imagine they wake up early, drive down to the shop, have coffee and read the paper and discuss whatever they want to discuss at whatever pace they decide. Meanwhile, people like me slam coffee as we drive and read emails and rush around. Item #1 in my BL is that when I retire, I get to have mornings like these guys and amusedly watch as the youngsters rush around with their yeah yeah yeah music and their Ecstasy or whatever drugs these kids are on today.

Item #2 is simple: I'd like to finish and Ironman before I'm 50. That's 6.5 years. If I can be successful in the Marathon this summer, and keep running, and build in a bike schedule after HJG gets older, and somehow learn to swim...... The whole underlying reason is that I want to be healthy and active for the rest of my life. And also, I love doing things that I absolutely never in my life no way no how could ever do.

Item #3: I'd like to do one last rooftop concert with Ringo and Paul. No no no. This is actually pretty simple too. All my life I have wanted to scuba dive. That's it. I want to get certified and scuba dive some neat dive spots around the globe.

Looking back, I've been blessed with certainly everything I need, and most of the things I've wanted. Regrets?? I have a few, but am living on somewhere in the middle of the pack. 
RTP now has 11 stalkers followers. If you are in the Runners Den 5K5M tomorrow, stop by and say hi. I'm volunteering somewhere at the race. Lauren, where do I go? I'll just find some nice adult and take their hand. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!

Tag to complete their bucket list? Just Robby. Get blogging my friend and give us your list.


Pat said...

I've always wanted to scuba too. I've snorkled down in Cancun and thought it was amazing. My daughters biology class is going scuba and snorkeling on Catalina Is. next weekend. They should have a blast.

Morgan said...

You want to SCUBA? Sorry "Along came Polly" reference. LOL! Great list!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss SCUBA. Pick a warm water place to dive. Not only is it more comfortable but the wildlife is much more colorful!
Great items!

Adam said...

Yeah, good call on making the bucket a little thinner. Have you thought about stickers? I know that stickers make those riced' out honda civics faster... So, it would only help for the bucket, right?

Those people at the coffee shop had better not spend your quarter all in one place, or so help me god..... *shakes fist*

interesting, that is the same Ironman timeframe that I'd like to do. We could struggle through it together!

rgalprelives said...

Bucket List huh...I will give that some serious thought and get back to the group.

Scuba sounds great. I would love to do that. I think Azure has done it already.

Coffee shop guy. Love it. I would rather run to Hava Java, have my laptop and write the great american novel than hang with other oldies like myself. But I like that golf is in your original statement. Or at least I think it was.

And for Ironman. 1: I'm a decent runner, I swim pretty well, but that damn bike ride would give me an unpleasant feeling for way too long. I believe the term I'm looking for is crotch ache. Or maybe those poeple never sit down. I'm a wimp and I would. Plus I don't have a bike and Azure's is a woman's cruiser so I'm sure somebody would cop an attitude with me and my girlie bike. Those sob's.

My bucket to come...