Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gu Product Review

Eat these and run fast!

Gu Chomps were given away at the AZ RnR marathon this year. I let mine settle and age properly for a month and ate them tonight before my run. Many times, orange flavored things are cloying and taste like industrial gas station bathroom air freshener (who here hasn't tried that just once??). These were not like that. They had a pretty good flavor and didn't leave a lingering orange taste morphing into a chemical taste --as I expected. Though not too strongly flavored, these really need a water chaser to dilute and help absorption, and to get the sticky chomp off of your teeth. I probably won't pursue this flavor, but, as Janis sang, free ain't worth nothin, but it's free. I like the Chomp format ok, but still will opt for Gu in its liquid guuuuey format. 

I changed marathon training plans this week. I'm going with a slightly modified Higdon novice plan.


Jamoosh said...

Anything that requires me to chew is not working for me during a race.

Adam said...

I can't agree with Jamoosh more...I don't like eating them on the run - my big teeth get completely covered in the stuff. Not to mention that I've choked on a few of them and had to stop and yack up a lung.

I got the red ones from RnRAZ, still haven't tried them though.

Razz said...

Yeah, I took some gummi bears by a "volunteer" on the course at my last HM. I'm pretty sure they were gummi bears. Yeah, let's go with gummi bears.

For your sake, I hope I don't get the Calliou theme song in my head.

Anonymous said...

I've only tried the strawberry ones..didn't know they had orange! I can't eat solids during a run..I get out of breath. It's so embarassing!

Lisa said...

I used shot blocks when I was training for the marathon but then switched to almonds towards the end. Better on my stomach during longer runs. I'm starting to lean more towards natural options.