Monday, February 15, 2010

Run Fatboy Run

I'm using an old tried and true method of motivation. Self-flagellation and shame. I ran last Sunday in the 5 Mile race and haven't laced up since. I got some kind of bronchial thing this past week and also felt lazy and didn't want to get up so friggin' early and run in the cold. And this is after reading blogs from people running in sub 10 degree weather in the dark early morning hours, people running in snow and ice --Yak Trax??!!??, and people running 15 miles for the fun of it at a conversational 8:00 pace.

I think I now know what people mean when they claim the hardest part of a marathon is starting.

So I got an idea from The Beginning Runner, who published fat photos of herself. Her reason was to show before and after. I started this journey at about 218 pounds, and about a year and a half later I'm down to 198. My target is 180, so 18 more. But I know me --if I don't do this right, I'll balloon right back up. So no fancy diets for me, or weekend bootcamps, and I'll never go through lipo again. It's steady and sensible.

Fat photo #1

That's Harrison next to my belly about 2.5 years ago (HJG was pretty new). Run Fatboy run.

So Maria and I made a deal that we would go out for coffee this morning, but only after we both went for runs. I got mine in and it felt fine for the most part, though I still have crud in my lungs. My HR was at 151, but I was gasping and wheezing. Need my inhaler. All that's left to complete my image is a pair of Buddy Holly glasses and a sliderule in my shirt pocket.

(found your website Adam -contest here)
Ok, so I am also really considering a 4 day per week training program. 5 is really tough with my schedule. I can do the two runs on the weekend, but trying to fit three in during the week is not happening. So I'm looking at Tuesday/Thursday and weekend plans.
Fat photo #2:

I like this photo (about 2 years ago) because I'm full of bad food, asleep in public, and it looks like if there were an emergency, Harrison could fit in my hollowed-out body cavity to stay warm like Luke Skywalker in his Tauntaun (if you get that, then put your lightsaber down and fly your Millenium Falcon  over to your mommie's house right away and live there for the rest of your life). Run Fatboy Run.
So, back at it this week and stop all the whining and kvetching. June 6 is my 44th birthday, and I'm going to complete a marathon that day (ohhh and switch into a new age group the next day!! I should be able to kick-ass on all those old people!!)

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Adam said...

Ah yes, the shame cycle. Without it, I would get nothing done. I honestly wouldn't get too worried about the time off. THe first week back will suck, but after that you'll jump right back to where you were.

That 2nd picture looked awesome. "She'll do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs".... Just like the milenium falcon, I'm sure we've BOTH got it where it counts.

BTW - my fat photo...

I may have to borrow this topic (with citation in MLS format of course) for a post of my own. I've dropped more weight than I would like to admit.

RunningLaur said...

You're well on your way to the marathon, and any form of motivation helps. Once you're into training it'll all fall into place.

Is it wrong that I didn't get the Star Wars reference, but I did think of Man VS Wild where Bear sleeps inside of a dead camel he finds? Gross.

Anonymous said...

I totally get the Tauntun reference! As a wise green creature once said, "Do or do not..there is no try!"You will do this! You've already started by making the decision to do the marathon...think of this as a rest phase. You'll be back at it soon.

NY Wolve said...

Wow, I remember the Luke Skywalker scene. For me I remember the good, and focus on that. The race is not always won by the swift, and Rome was not built in a day (to mix metaphors), so slow steady and sustainable. Good luck reaching your goal!