Friday, April 16, 2010

Pat's Run 2010 Pre-Race Report

I'm really excited about tomorrow's run. This is my second time in this race and it was a lot of fun last year. I'm trying to head the advice posted by Lauren and not make it competitive, but I bet I can beat last year's time of 48 minutes. I have a goal of coming in at 40 or under, but not sure if I can do that in the crowds as I will most likely be pushing Harrison.
#9331: My predicted finish in my age/gender group

The race goodies are somewhat typical, except for the shave gel from Walmart. Uuuuummmmmmmm, I may have to consult Adam about this, but is this for what I think it is for??!?? Is that really going to help me run faster??

There are 19,000 people registered and many more expected to register at the race itself, so this is a big event. Most people who are running competitively move to the front corrals, and slowbies and walkers stay to the rear. That is another reason to not bother with 'fast time' egomania. Pre-race ham loading --check. Clean shorts and shirt --check. Garmin charged --check. Half-assed plan to meet up wth fellow bloggers after race --check. Thanks to newest #19 follower --check. Race report tomorrow!


Pat said...

Best of luck tomorrow. Sorry I won't get to run it this year. It was one of my best races last year. I liked it so much I ran the finish twice. The second time I took pictures.

Anonymous said...

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Running Through Phoenix said...

Ahhhh crazy Asian. How you inspire me!!

Adam said...

I totally agree with明宏明宏. I assume that they said" hope you kick some ass" which you did, of course.