Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post 60

Sounds like an experimental military compound in Nevada.
I was hoping the 60th RTP post would coincide with the 20th follower, but I have been really absent online lately and why would people join a barren blog? Unless you are crazy Asian! I'm even considering upping my offer to purchase the "I Am Boring" url. Oh yeah, I've been busy and oh yeah there is a lot on my mind, but I also have not been keeping up on my training plan.
Adam and Jeff somewhere on the canal (Adam is the skinny hairless one)

Self-flagellation and wheedling feels good (to some people over 18 who don't even live in this city --perverts!!), but it doesn't really motivate me. I can slouch on my couch all day along and think about running or even watch it on tv. What motivates me is routine, and I'm out of my running routine. Also group runs are huge for me. I was able to run a mile or so with Mrs. this morning. She is recovering from itbs and is doing great. She will be back on the rod(twss) road full time very soon.

Motivation is tough for me and always has been. 5 weeks to SD RNR. I feel great and simply need to get in the long runs on the weekend. Hope all is well with you. Keep sending positive vibes to Lauren, she is about three weeks away from her first marathon and has been rigorous with her training. Any leftover vibes? I'll take what I can get.


RunningLaur said...

You'll find your mojo again, just has to be added into the routine.

I'm up for a run on Sat - have 13 miles on the schedule, and could use some company to pump some speed back into my legs.

Anonymous said...

You already know that I lost my mojo last week, and now I'm going to have to revamp my plan. So you're not alone!
Sounds like you already know what works best for you: re-set your routine, get in some group runs (even if it's for part of the distance, every bit helps), and stay healthy.
I have more than enough positive vibes to go around. ********There you go. Oh, and here's some more: *************************!

Adam said...

My leather skirt that I wear while spreading seeds is WAY shorter than that. Get it right.

Have you thought about looking into an official running group? I (half ass-ed-ly) belong to one and they run something crazy like 5x a week. your paces are right in the sweet spot of where mine runs too.

Anonymous said...