Saturday, May 1, 2010

Foam Rolling

This is a gratuitous blog is devoted to the importance of foam rolling while exploiting the cuteness of my 2.5 year old. This Pro-Tec foam roller (about $25) was purchased at Runner's Den in Phoenix, winner of the 2010 Brooks national running shoe sales contest. Lauren helped me select the stick. She is one of their most helpful and knowledgeable staff members and a speedy runner out on the race course. The stick works wonders after a workout to relieve soreness and help muscles recover. This isn't discussed very much, but it is also great at helping to warm up and loosen muscles before a race or workout.
Now Harrison usually doesn't put in too many miles, but he knows that foam rolling is a discipline and it will pay off big time as he grows up and starts to whip his dad's fanny in local 5K's. Here he shows the proper grip on the roller.

Roll slowly and evenly to 'just' the pain threshold. The idea is to apply pressure to the sore areas in a massage. Everyone has a different level of acceptable pain, and you will find yours quickly.

Slow and even...

That's the stuff! Big time thumbs up to Foam rolling --my calves and itbs would never survive without it!

Do you like contests that are fun, competitive, have a huge prize potential? Let me know of any because I do too. If you are into boring contests, here is a nice one that is geared towards runners:


Anonymous said...

Harrison's a cutie! And looks to be a pro with the roller too!

Adam said...

Fun! do you rent him out to help me with my foam rolling?

RunningLaur said...

Great pictures! That could go on the Runner's Den facebook page!

And speedy runner on the race course - one day I'll live up to that!