Tuesday, May 11, 2010

20th Follower Contest

"Hey 19" is the only song I can think of with 19 in it.

 RTP has 19 loyal followers and I have no idea why.  And absolutely nothing comes to mind for the number 20. Hence this contest. Two things need to happen for you to be eligible to win this contest: RTP must gain its 20th follower, and you must enter the contest. The winner will receive a $20 GC to Zombie Runner. $20??!!?? What can I get for $20?? Surprisingly, quite a bit.


The contest is simple. Post a comment listing your favorite song with the number 20 in the title. If you aren't already following Running Through Phoenix, start following me. I will randomly select a winner and let you all know by the end of this week. If you enter the contest, follow me, and have a photo on your profile, you get two automatic entries into the contest. If your photo is not included in your profile, you will only get one entry. So figure it out!! Un-follow me then follow me again --whatever you need to do to make your photo appear.

Interested in another contest of the peanut butter variety? Are you excited enough to slather yourself in the stuff and rush out onto a basketball court?



GeorgiaSnail said...

this is a bit of a stretch but my favorite song with the word "twenty" in the title is the title track "Twenty Nine", by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals from the album "Twenty Nine"...

Jamoosh said...

4 and 20 - Joss Stone

Can't wait until you reach 100 followers!

FireRunner22 said...

Song title: "Twenty"
Album title: "Twenty"
Artist: Robert Cray
released in 2005

Albums? Are we still allowed to call them "albums"? Yes, I might be older than, say, 30...

Thanks for the contest!

Adam said...

I'd rush the court, but then I would get tazered.

Fav song with 20 in the title...... I'll have to get back to you

RunningLaur said...

Favorite song with twenty in the title.... There's that song from rent that has like every number in it, hold on... Yes! Ok, it's technically called 'Seasons of Love' but no one knows that it's totally 'Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.'

I'm guessing the PB acts as a deterrent from the police officers?

rgalprelives said...

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated!

The Ramones

Anonymous said...

That's Peanut Butter on that guy?!
Anyways, I cannot for the life of me think of a song title with the number 20 in it! Can I google for one?