Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black or White

Trying to decide whether to wear my standard white running socks for RnR San Diego or to go with my untested, though I'm sure they are lucky, black running socks.

Ebony or Ivory? Which part of the Zebra will it be? While you contemplate this deep cosmic challenge, also consider entering Adam's contest for some sunscreen. Adam is a really entertaining skinny blogger who sweats like a bad junkie in solitary confinement.

ooops, now I can't stop thinking about Oreos. Did you know that Trader Joes has a Peppermint Oreo? Killer!

and speaking of Thorlo giveaways, check out Jamoosh's blog for a well-designed contest. Oh please, some lime Thorlo socks to end the madness of my digital choice!

Can't figure out where you stand on the sock issue? Wondering who you are in this divinely inspired universe? It would be a lot easier if you simply looked down at your Name/Rank/SSN tattoo on your belly. If you haven't impulsively had that done, you could, instead, enter a contest to win a RoadID The aforementioned Jamoosh is starting a string of contests. He knows who he is, and he knows a LOT about beer. Check him out for more info and a really entertaining, gorgeously designed,  and frequently updated blog.

Ok, a little over one week to decide. I'm not panicking, just a little verklempt. Randy or Simon? Salt or Pepper? Day or Night? Your thoughts?


Jamoosh said...

I have no sock advice for you. I feel as if I have failed you.

Adam said...

Mmmmm, oreos. Although, I'm a fan of the regular white flavor. Don't even get me started on that double stuff nonsense.

What is the advantage of the black socks? If there isn't any, then I would go with the white.

Whitney said...

White, Simon, Pepper, Day.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with what the Chinese Kanji commenter said.