Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Post

This is post #70 at RTP. First week of summer vacation and 1st marathon coming up this weekend. But let's get into the list lest I use up all of my ideas in the introduction. Seven things about me and then tag 15 other people (presumably 15 people I know who haven't already done it --- impossible)

In no particular order:
1. I struggle with delayed gratification. Never really learned it and was not accountable to it growing up, so now I tend to be impulsive and have to exercise my spirit and psyche daily to be a better person.

2. I'm analytical. I love to take things apart to see how the parts work together. I also stare at things thinking about how they work and what they do. You will often find me in the aisles of Home Depot staring at things. It doesn't matter whether I need the thing, I just want to know what it's for and how it is used. I can't stand things that work inefficiently or are built cheaply -I need to improve systems and make sure they are designed to be functional-especially under stress. I love to engineer!

3. I'm a K-8 Principal, so most of the engineering there involves people. Engineering people systems would be a lot easier and more effective if they would simply stay put and let the smart people do the deciding--think 'Matrix'.

4. Billiards, golf, running, etc "require" practice and subtleties. Bah!! When you really bear into the pool stick and slam a ball into the corner pocket with authority, it feels good and in my opinion is worth the low percentage. See #1. Same with golf --it is really gratifying to swat the ball hard even if it goes sideways into a gazillion dollar house. Running buildups --I will surely be singing a different tune this Monday, so I better shut up now.

5. Gotta have my piano trio jazz. Monk, Jarrett, Peterson, Evans, Tatum, Clark, so many others.

6. I can't have booze in any amounts. I have a bad allergy. It almost never bothers me, but sometimes it bothers other people which is amazing.

7. I don't know how I found my wife and then had Harrison, but I sure love them and feel that life is truly complete.

My 21 RTP hostages followers who read this are officially 'tagged' if you haven't already been Versatile. Stay cool!


GeorgiaSnail said...

#6...I suffer from that same allergy, although it took years of trial and error to figure it out!

Jamie said...

I never knew someone with a alcohol allergy. Good luck on your marathon!!

Anonymous said...

Your DVD should get there by tomorrow!

I'm a bad billiards player. But it's cool using the pool stick like that- even if I'm totally missing things or just ramming the ball into nothing .

Anonymous said...

我們不是因為快樂而歌唱,而是唱歌使我們快樂 ..................................................

Adam said...

I agree with 韋于倫成. SO TRUE.

So, does #1 mean that you premature ejacu....nevermind.

that is interesting about the no booze. I've never put 2 and 2 together. BUT, I could totally see how that would bug other people more than you. "come on jeff. Just ONE drink... just DO IT. GO GO GO" that would get annoying.

(Fun fact about me - I was only drunk 1 time before I was 21. I really WAS boring growing up - that and I was a spaz enough w/out booze)