Friday, June 11, 2010

Self-Indulgent Vacation Photo Blog Post

Some photos and banal commentary. You had to be here......

Got to hit a Farmers market yesterday. Around here they are all over the place, but this one is a featured weekly event. This part of California, Central Coast San Luis Obispo county, is one of the greenest, fertile, climate consistent, beautiful places on the globe. The fruit/veggies are amazing, abundant,  and cheap. We bought a lot of it.

These beauties are sweet and ready now. 

And they do a Red Oak fueled barbecue called 'Santa Maria' style barbecue. Tastes good.

Here's a Garmin map you don't see on my unit very often (freebie unit joke opp. for Adam)

Garmin oh Garmin, when will you upgrade the Apple version of your program?? For the love of Pete, a little satellite map optioning... is that so friggin' tough?

This is the view as I left the house for an easy 5 miler turned 6:

Kick but mountains and 60 degree moist foggy air= gud runnin'.
Some views as I ran along the coast:

Really nice pathways along the sea. Lot's of runners out.

From the end of the Pismo pier which I had to myself today. That's how I got the water integrated
on the Garmin map.

Big ocean swells today. Sea lions playing, birds crapping.
The pier is typical but was empty and inviting.

Took these stairs down to run on the sand.
Tomorrow Mrs. G will join me for a short run around our neighborhood. There is an abundant supply of
cool pathways and streets to run on and we will surely make our way down to run on the sand. The ocean is freezing so it is nice to end a run with a lower leg soak in cold water. Nice to be back on the Asics after Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm super jealous now. What great views and temps for a run for sure!

RunningLaur said...

Man, how do I get one of these 'Education" jobs where there's time to relax along a cool ocean with great produce? That's the life.

Adam said...

you know, i always get a little worried when I see different things on my unit. Change, in that case, is never good.

Love the pics though. SLO is amazing.

Anonymous said...


Jamie said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a great place to run. Those strawberries look delicious!