Friday, June 4, 2010

First Marathon Pre-Event Report

It has not hit me yet (as it undoubtedly will around mile 18). This Sunday, I will be moving forward for 26.2 miles in an organized Marathon dubbed Rock and Roll San Diego. Did I mention that it's my 44th birthday on Sunday? C'mon and shine on me Running Gods. I've been thinking about which mantra I will be using, and by default, it is a series of dialogue from the Curious George movie. Default because I have watched it 4,000 times in the last month.
 "Do you see that Junior? It's even bigger than I ever imagined!!" "I might not be able to make it bigger, but I know who can!" (TWSS)

The plan is to load the family into the boy hauler tomorrow morning and make our way west towards the sea, stopping in San Diego downtown for a couple of days to eat clams and run 26.2 miles in under 7 hours. That's my A, B, and C plan in a nutshell. 

I ran yesterday sans electronics, water, gu, etc. Just me, shoes, shorts and shirt. I was practicing enjoying the run and observing my environment. What a nutcase! My list of things I need for the race include 15 items besides myself. I did like yesterday's pace mental relief and am even considering wearing my Garmin on the back of my water belt. I plan to run around 10 minute miles and stop every two miles or so for a walky break -probably at water stations. I'm going to carry 5 Gu's including 2 Roctaines for the last two 5 mile intervals. As far as training plans go, I am woefully unprepared. It will be 108 here in Phoenix but only a high of 72 with clouds in SD. Ooohh! We may not return to AZ. Oh wait, California has Arnold -FOR A GOVERNOR!!

Nevermind, 108 isn't that hot. But AZ now openly hates Latino minorities, maybe a move to Nevada where there aren't any problems.

Adam, Rio, and Lauren are all running also. Rio in about 4.5 hours, Lauren in either 5 hours or possibly the half marathon for a PR (right Runlaur??), and Adam in about 17 minutes (having clam-crapped himself in the first mile. Adam, take care of things before you leave the hotel!!)

I'll join the 5 hour pace team and hopefully not be the asshole who sprints ahead in the chute to be first in my pacegroup. (Ego says: plan already installed and irrevocable -you can't rationalize your way out of it and you know it!) (stop talking to yourself, they can hear you!!) (This is a blog, you HAVE to talk to yourself!!!)

2 Weeks in Pismo after the race to unwind, eat seafood, and show my boy how to hunt sharks with a pocket knife some twine and a handheld mirror. Rock-on!!


Jamoosh said...

Best of luck. If Adam gets clam farts - smack him!

RunningLaur said...

Sounds like the 2 week vacation afterward is quite the reward for the race!

Anonymous said...

I love Pismo Beach. Seriously- I love smaller beach towns.
See ya on Sunday.

Adam said...

how did you get that picture of me flexing in front of the ladies?

this is one of the first times I didn't make a list - and we forgot the F'ing camera! One trip to Target and all was right with the world.

MMMM clams (when laughed out loud HARD at that little bit. :)

Jamie said...

Have fun!! I wanted to run this race but it sold out. Maybe I'll catch you all next year! :)

佩齊 said...

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紫倫妍勳 said...

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