Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to Random Unreality

Why did vacation have to end?? "Because you need to go back to work" say the Power ball lottery officials.
That was nice --one more photo of 55 degree bliss (I'm wearing a jacket and still shivering):
We went to some park in Paso Robles and I clonked my head on an overhead beam in a kids play house. Here is me smiling ear to ear with an "I'm concussed!" smile. Harrison thought it was the funniest thing ever. I have a giant scab across my scalp.

We went to We Olive, which is the Walmart of Olive Oils in Central Cali. We drank way too much olive oil and aged balsamic. What a wild time it was!! My fav was the blood orange olive oil and the 15 year balsamic. They drink it like wine over there!! It does taste pretty darn good.

Thought my toes were improving but there has been a delayed onset of blackening and peeling. I shot this out of focus because I was repulsed. The other foot isn't much better. Maybe time to research shoes with a bigger toebox? Lauren?
And lastly, our garden is taking off nicely. We have mucho tomatoes and more zucchini than we know what to do with. Eggplant is coming in nicely too. Peppers are burning or something else is wrong. Need to consult the experts.

That' Harrison's sunflower in the foreground which is growing about 6 inches per day (take it Adam, it's all yours)

Cherry, yellow pear, and Green Zebra, and cinnamon basil. Chill. Cut each into bite size pieces. Sprinkle with large grain sea salt and a tiny bit of black pepper, chop and mix in basil, drizzle with nice olive oil and a bit of balsamic. Serve with crusty bread. Yummy.
This weekend marks my official return to hot weather running. I'd like feedback on salt, electrolyte, mineral replacements. What do you do to replace? What brands do you prefer.

I'm reading Murakami's What I Think About When I Think About Running, and will review sometime early next week. Have a splendid weekend!!


gene said...

it gets pretty humid here in Vermont, which for summer running means very sweaty. i have found that I have great success (read no cramps or adverse stomach events) with NUUN. i like the company (non presumptuous), and they have many flavors to choose from.
no beer flavor yet, though.
thanks for stopping by my place, too!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the garden! That bowl looks delish.

I like Nuun, Heed or H20 for fluids: not too sweet and forgiving to my tummy. I also use Perpetuem for some of my longer runs, but jury still out on that one.

If I'm running in temps over 85 deg F (learned from trial and error) or running more than 13 miles I take Endurolytes. People have recommended S-caps highly so I'll give that a try soon.

Tricia said...

great pics, thanks for sharing!

RunningLaur said...

We'll have o figure put something for your toes. Toenails would be nice to have.

I like nuun and heed - neither upset
my stomach. Gu2o and some of the others with lots of sweetener just kill me. I'll pop salt caps on long hot days when they are around - at the ultra i really perfered just ice cold water and salt caps, and some Diet sprite, thinking it had caffine. All mental. Did the trick.

Adam said...

I'm concussed!! ha

What is up with the yellow highlights in your post?

That picture of you and the little man was awesome. One for the desk in a frame for sure.

If you gave me the sunflower, I'd put it in my hair, hawaiian girl style.

Jamoosh said...

Totally recognize the 'concussion' smile!