Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cross Training Anyone?

I've been inspired by fellow booger blogger Runlaur again and am going to start a training plan tomorrow. Not because I have a marathon coming up in 18 weeks, but because I want to be accountable to something and also build base milage to better prepare for January. So I taking on the Higdon Intermediate which incorporates 5 days of running per week and one day of cross training.

Cross and strength training have been absent from my life ever since I quit the gym about 4 years ago. I know how important these two elements are to a balanced running program, but its tough to make the time. I do have some ideas though. Ride the bike and swim.

After reading a Triathlon magazine I determined that I need to swim for about 1.5 hours per day, followed by a century ride through the mountains, and culminating with a ten mile easy cool down run at 6/mile.

Then I remembered my age, sedentary lifestyle, bank balance, and overall desire to not do those things.

So, I'm back to the idea of riding the bike for a set period of time and/or lap swimming at the local pool. This is more like it. Mondays are the cross training days so I'm going to head over to a pool in Snottsdale to lap swim and also check out their gym.

Once per week for $2 ain't so bad, one less foo-foo drink at the coffee shop.

The heat gets pretty intense after 7 am, so I may stick to using the Cycleops  trainer on the patio in the shade. This brand is a bit expensive but you get a true road feel and smooth ride. I got mine at REI and love it. After 30-40 minutes, I'm a wobbly wreck and drenched in salty sweat. I can also cadence and not have to think about traffic lights if I'm in this protected microcosm. I like to ride and listen to a podcast --Banned on the Run or Boring Runner  (who only has two PC's so its really getting boring).

Look at how the hot weather is portrayed for AZ. 109 degrees looks like a scene out of a Corona commercial, but slip one degree up to 110, and you are in the grips of Hades and all of the sizzling scorching demons of hell!!

Meanwhile my wife is seriously considering her second 1/2 marathon. It's a premier Women's Half Marathon in Scottsdale/Tempe this coming November. She has started walk/running with our neighbor three times per week. This should be an excellent event.

I'd love any feedback you can give about cross training. Take care!!


RunningLaur said...

1. If we're doing the same plan that makes it super easy to run together. Means we must.

2. Which Scottsdale pool are you going to and when? My drivers license still shows Scottsdale residency, so for $2 I'm in for floundering.

3. I have no other cross training tips for you - I'm kinda in the same boat. No bike and no equipment. There are some workouts on the OnDemand Channel of tv though.

4. The Women's Half in Tempe looks like a good one. If anything it has a really cool medal/necklace.

Evolving Through Running said...

Very funny post ... good stuff.

One cross training tip that I've tried in the past, if you have a tennis racket, is to spend about 30 minutes hitting off a wall (or with someone if you can find someone to play with). Good exercise, and requires lateral movement and associated muscles that running doesn't really work. Lots of tennis centers have a court with a wall in the middle and a net painted on so you somewhat get an actual tennis experience.

Looks like you are a fellow Nimbus wearer. Need a second pair of running shoes, and debating between the Nimbus 12 or possibly trying something completely different. Currently training in the Nimbus 11, but having foot issues. Always blame the equipment rather than my rapidly deteriorating body.

Luke said...

bike and swima re great cross trainng, I also like to add in activities that I fiorget are training becuase I enjoy them like mountain biking, kayaking, or martial arts. tennis can also be a lot of fun and works diferent muscles.

Molly said...

I haven't been in a gym in about six years, and I don't miss it at ALL!

I'm all about my bike and yoga for cross training, I live for my daily stretch.

Anonymous said...

Last week is the 1st week I didn't swim for the last month, but swimming is FUN! I just can't do it for very long, yet.

Adam said...

you have a trainer!? I'm jealous. You should freeze some water and put it in front of a fan or something. That way you'd have some hill billy air conditioning.