Sunday, August 1, 2010

SYTO 5K Race Report

Phx in July: Green and Rainy!!
1st Ever Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K
July 31, 2010, Phoenix Papago park reserve
5K 30:30 chip/gun time
4th overall (my first top ten finish, and also top 5!!)
2nd in gender
1st in overall age group

This was a beautiful morning in Phoenix. It had drizzled all night and was still overcast as the race Director thanked us for coming, wished us well, and fired the gun at 6am rolled drunkenly out of a cab at 6:20 shouting about bears, approached the race field with a 1/2 full (1/2 empty) appletini, and shouted at us to get the hell out of his circus.

We took that as our cue to start the race.

Lauren had marked the course the day before, but the rain had washed everything away so she gave us landmark directions and it seemed simple enough --just a couple of spots to pay extra attention to stay on route (or as they say in France, "en route").

We did a little warm-up walk --that is Demi, Lauren and Jeff walked while Adam sprinted a mile like bees were in his bra.

We synchronized our beloved, highly accurate, informative, comfortable, rugged, and let's not forget stylish (and, ok yes, ubiquitous) Garmin 305's. Alright Garmin, send me some love!!

Sometime half an hour later, we started the race. Adam shot out at some kind of 6 minute pace. Rio left Lauren and I in the dust after around 1/4 mile, and soon thereafter, Lauren pulled away from me and left me to meditate on oneness for the remainder of the run.
Adam, Lauren, Jeff, Rio

The finish line was a riot. We had all gotten finisher gifts for each other. Adam spent almost one dollar at Home Depot to fashion finisher medals and also a shwag bag which included wire nuts, zip ties, a termite coupon from a ValPac, some other assorted crap from Adam's garage, and a pack of chocolate/agave #9 gel. Beats olive oil and flyers.

It was a humid race, the course was an interesting out and back, with a small hill, some canal road, a cow-ish utility pole, and a short canal swim. We all had fun, and are already planning shirts, repeat races, and the immediate impeachment of the race Director.


gene said...

in a word...jealous. i have a small electrical project coming up, and could use some wire nuts. dammit. maybe next year! (nice finisher's medal, btw...)

Anonymous said...

An appletini! I was wondering what that was!! The swag bag had much more practical stuff in it than the usual fliers for races I can't go to, that's for sure!

Adam said...

Mmmm, appletini. I'm surprised that you didn't comment on how the course was so fast that it blew your hat off!!

Seriously, thanks for running with me. Sub 30 @ Higley in a month?

Jamoosh said...

Nice - The appletini is SO Adam.

Andrew Opala said...

5K 30:30 chip/gun time
4th overall (my first top ten finish, and also top 5!!)
2nd in gender
1st in overall age group

Congratulations ... look like you hit for the cycle. When does the trash talk start?

RunningLaur said...

First place in your age group, we set up too perfect of a race!

Molly said...

That looks like a blast!!

Julie said...

Hi there,
You won my giveaway! Check my blog for my e-mail so that I can mail you your prize:) Congrats!