Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Olde Friend 'The Canal'

Went for a short run this morning and found myself on the AZ canal. I haven't been on the canal in my neighborhood for almost 6 months and it brought back fond memories from when I was a more active runner. This system of waterways was originally engineered by the Hohokam native americans about 1,000 years ago. They stood on top of the mountains surrounding our valley and surveyed with amazing accuracy. Much of the original system is still in place, though fortified with modern materials. I have done most of my canal running over in Scottsdale, but these paths are all interconnected and one with the Phoenix water tables.

Most Phoenix runners use these paths for obvious reasons --they are flat, stretch a long distance, they have soft gravel, have lots of places to pull over and poop and they are frequented by lots of other runners.

I chose to listen to some podcasts since I have gotten behind on almost everything in life these past three weeks. I'm a Principal in a K-8 school and everyday so far this year has been like one big Beatles concert. My podcast of choice this morning was The Boring Runner and it was all I could do to keep from throwing my ipod in the canal  and I was able to catch both of his latest productions which means I'm going f'ing slow these days. As always when I make myself run, I have a good time, feel rejuvenated, and vow to knock out  20+ miles each day of the week and start eating oatmeal starting......... Tomorrow. Adam is a good friend, a soon to be father, and a tremendous runner. Read his blog here and I promise entertainment!

In the meantime, I have been contacted by two former colleagues who want to start running. They want ME to help them. So, as they say at my local convenience store, "it is on like that animal with the legs you know his name it is the king of donky a boy you know?" Have a great week!!


Jamoosh said...

Does this mean you are going to change the ame of your blog to "Coaching in Phoenix"?

Andrew Opala said...

looking at those pictures ... I feel very parched.

Nice to see you did not give up on your followers and posted something!

But I guess it's tough when you are in so much demand!

Anonymous said...

Look at that- you're inspiring people even though you consider yourself a less 'active' runner. You are a runner nonetheless. That is awesome!

Adam said...

I'm going to call you Coach from now on. I assume you will move to Minnesota and have an an assistant called "douber"

Adrienne said...

I've seen the infamous canals in many Phoenix pictures but have yet to run on/by them. I think that would mean I would have to get off the treadmill. My congratulations and condolences for the starting of a new school year! Good luck with the new coaching gig.

gene said...

following Adam's lead, congrats, Coach! well done. good for you to be an inspiration!
I hope that the back to school daze treat you well.