Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marathon Plan Decision Time

A little melodramatic don't you think?
Trying to decide which plan to go with as I prepare for January RnR AZ. I have the Hal Higdon Intermediate I plan and the Runners World Break 4:30 plan. They are both fairly conservative ordinary plans, but the RW plan seems to offer more variety including runs that I have not experienced before like Yasso 800's (which I'm sure could be abbreviated into Ass 400's), Time trials, hill work (hills make me yell), strides, LSD's, and tempo runs.

Both plans crank up to 2 twenty mile runs with 37 mile weeks. But I'm favoring the RW plan because of the added array of runs, and also I don’t have to run until Thursday. I have a two week window to decide. My short slow runs this week remind me why we shouldn’t take breaks from running unless we are injured, but I already felt stronger again this morning.

I’m a little miffed that my spouse is taking my socks M/W/Friday for her runs with our neighbor. Need to get to the running store and get me/us some new socks. Runner's world has an ad this month for some free Coolmax socks, but the link isn't working.

I may have a free entry into RnR AZ this coming January, which means I could use the money that would have covered that to enter into the Lost Dutchman marathon. This race features some of the best desert scenery in the southwest, and it happens in February so the temps are near perfect. Some rolling hills, some dirt track, and some short bearded gold-miners --what else could I ask for? Besides a lucid linear train of thought. Note to self--don't use your blog as a mental barf bag. Oh, you published it anyway? Hmmmm, how about a little nightmare or erectile dysfunction to snap you back into compliance. Who are you? Your conscience. Ummmmm guys? They can all see this..........


Adam said...

They both peak out at 37 miles per week and both have 2 20 milers? As much as I would hate to abandon my buddy Hal, I might lean towards the RW plan. How many days a week does the RW plan have you running?

BTW I almost assume some form of Erectile Dysfunction in each of your posts. way to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Have fun deciding on a plan! Pick the one that seems more interesting, yet doable to you- it may help keep your interest longer. :)

And say hi to your consciousness.

RunningLaur said...

I'd try out the RW plan for variety, but watch the paces that they suggest - RW plans have been a bit aggressive for me pace wise in the past (mainly when I had really weak bases).

Adrienne said...

Remember the wedding vows? "For better or worse, sickness and health, sock stealing and razor using, til death do you part" I swear that was in there. Good luck on your decision with the plans.

Amy said...

Great plan and hope for good decision. good luck to you and wish you luck to your run!!!