Saturday, September 18, 2010

Runner's Den Group Run #1

Got up this morning for my four miler and met Brian over at Runner's Den for their first Saturday morning group run. The intent is to provide group training for the January RnR marathon, but it is casual and open to whoever wants to join. Any distance and any pace is welcome. The store employees let us keep our keys and personal stuff there at the store, and there was ice water, juice, and donuts for after the run. They meet and start out from the store at 6:30 and there are a couple of mid-week runs also. As the groups start to become more regular, the store will be raffling running goodies to those who show up consistently.

America's Got Talent

Runner's Den is known to most Phoenix area runners. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, the inventory covers most needs, and they will order whatever is not in stock. Lauren is still on the payroll, but only works as a backup now that she is engineering and setting PRs.
There were about 10-12 runners this morning and they set out in a group. 

Bryan is new to running so we stayed behind and watched the group start to spread out.

Not sure what pace groups they ended up with or what distances, but I was first back to the store after 4 miles. One of the store employees was right behind me-- I think he went 10 miles in the time it took me to go four, and that really killed the buzz of my 1st place happy dance. Bryan needed a slow pace and we ran together, but he let me go after 2, and I was able to run my fourth mile at 9:30 and getting faster. My long runs are scheduled for Sundays and so far I like an easy Sat run.

Next Sat is the Moon Valley Grasshopper Bridge 5K, and I am hoping to finish sub 30:00. I need to have nice strong runs on Tuesday and Thursday this week and it should happen.


Andrew Opala said...

ahhh, that's so kind of you to let a newbie join ... and you took care of him too!

You've got to film the "I'm #1 dance" and post it on YouTube.

gene said...

I agree with Andrew; let's see that dance! good that you helped out the new guy. stick with your plan, and you'll do just fine in that 5k! keep us posted....

ShutUpandRun said...

I am sure you've got a sub 30 min 5K in you!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog today. Good to know not everyone views me as "trifle."

Johann said...

Always nice to get together with some other runners, even if you don’t run every step together. I have a dream to run the 24hour Across the Years race in Phoenix one day.sku

RunningLaur said...

ok, ok, i'll show up to these if I HAVE to. :)
glad you guys went!

Adam said...

Very cool! 9:30 mile is awesome, donuts are awesomer.

Why did you take a picture of those girl's butts?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good group to run with. And yes, tape the happy dance. I'll tape it for you, even!