Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Bling for 39.3

Heavy Metal!
Maybe not much to some of you, but an amazing feat for me. I didn't even know there was such a thing and here it was in the mail like a negative vortex alternative universe ashtray.

Yeah, I rocked the 1/2 marathon in Phoenix in January, then rocked my first full marathon in San Diego in June. I have enjoyed these events overall but still feel like I'm trying to make up for the last 25 years of couch 'tatering, pizza eating, tv watching, I'll do it tomorrow behavior. Now I have to drag my butt out the door to run in the morning and its not as easy as it might have been when I was younger. That said, I'm glad to be doing it now and my body is getting stronger and skinnier too.

This is post #101 for RTP. RTP now has 46 followers and my email is starting to become more active with real people. As opposed to scam artists from other continents and sexy porn.

The other great thing about this choice in lifestyle is that my 2.5 almost three year old son is growing up in a household of healthy behavior. To be honest, this is the main reason I got into running. I can't stand the idea of not being able to play with him and run around in the park or make it up the stairs to the nosebleed section of the stadium. And how cool would it be for him to tell friends at school that he spent his weekend at a race with his parents!

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gene said...

congrats on sticking with it. i applaud your noble reasons for running. our 4 year old has been to a few races to cheer me on, and he loved it. when we did the VT Remembers 10k, he got to be a part of it, in the jog stroller. i need to get him 'in' a few 5k's (in the stroller for now). he had a BLAST. and yes, i believe that growing up 'around' it will rub off.
good for you, good for your family!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Oh cool! I wonder if you can get on for doing 3 half marathons?

I like medals.

Jamie said...

Great job! I'll be running the marathon at RNR Phoenix this January and hopefully I'll make it over to San Diego in the summer. That bling looks pretty sweet!

Mel said...

Way to go for ALL of the above!!

Luke said...

Way to go and I am thankful for anyone who is a healthy example to thier children. I hope i can be myself one day. It's not the examples i grew up with and I hope to break the cycle.

RunningLaur said...

Happy 101. And good luck at Grasshopper!!

Adam said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!! I decided that I'm not going to make it. I'm sure daddy boot camp will be just as fun, right??? RIGHT????

Good for you putting the little man to work. About time he earns his keep