Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Cool Is Coolmax? 30,001 COOL!!!!

I got my Oct. Runner's World  a couple of weeks ago and keyed right in on the free socks giveaway for Coolmax running socks. I love free stuff, especially when it is mailed to me. And I'm always looking for foot solutions because my feet are a mess with tip blisters (a common ailment on many parts of my body) and black toenails.

Either I didn't read the ad right, or the contest wasn't ready when they published the Oct. RW. After an email or two, the people at Coolmax admitted that the contest wouldn't be ready until Sept. 7. Just then, I read the post by Shut Up and Run and figured out that I was pre-mature (go for it anyone who wants it). I waited and sometime the morning of the 7th I tried, along with 30,000 others, to get my free pair of socks. You guessed it, they ran out. Shut Up and Run figured out a way to get more than one pair, and I'm sure her post helped others, so 30,000 pairs went to less than 30,000 runners. Hmmm. Here was the email from Melanie at Goldtoe:
Casual Day at Gold Toe

"Thank You for your interest in GoldToe.  We will have the link available for you on the website Sept. 7th.  The banner was not placed on the website before the circulation hit the stands.  I apologize for that confusion! 

Thanks Again, and come back to <> on Sept. 7th!



On-line Inventory Analyst\"

Apology accepted Melanie. now send me some socks. I gave up and signed up for some counseling so I could move on in life, and last week got this email:

"We did reach our limit on the free pair of Coolmax socks giveaway.  However, due to the fact that you tried and could not access it, we will honor your attempt and send you the free pair anyway.  Please note that the it can take up to 8 to 12 weeks for fulfillment. 

If you did not supply your shipping address, please respond to this email!!

Thank You for your interest in our product!!



On-line Inventory Analyst\"

Thanks Melanie at Gold toe!!! Employee of the year! Hey, I'm a fan already and am looking forward to the free socks. Easy customer service and simply the right thing to do. Look for the product review in 8-12 weeks. What's your latest customer service experience good or bad?


Zaneta said...

Wow! That's awesome!! I tried getting through like 70 times and then when I finally did get through, it said that they had run out and it was over! lol... bummer for me! :(

Julie said...

There is nothing better than a free pair of running socks! Awesome that you were able to snag a pair:)

Adam said...

Blisters on tips? Pre-mature? Half naked lady!?!?!

How did you get in my brain, Jeff? HOW???

Anonymous said...

Yay for free socks. Great customer service is so rare these days, they deserve a shout out!

RunningLaur said...

i just ordered a couch online through a big blog world retailer... and when i researched the order it said 7-10 delivery and there were several instock. after placing the order, shipping time was bumped up to 10-30 days... hmm not the same. I'll be sitting on the floor for a while waiting for a couch to show up.