Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre-Race Report Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon

Image blurred to protect identity??

This will be (notice the font change? I knew you would!!) the second running of this event for me. I showed up last year with high hopes of coming in first place overall, but 2:22 is just not fast enough no matter how you slice and dice it. I limped through the last couple of miles with a hammy cramp and an asthmatic wheeze that would make Darth Vader retire.

It's a low-key 1/2 marathon, a simple route, I ran it with Runlaur,and for all that I vowed to run it again this year. And it has snuck up on me. But I've been training for the January Marathon, so I feel like I'm as ready as I can be. I've had a head full of cold for the past week or so and have not felt good, but I'm on Bactrin, tea, and medical marijuana -thanks Arizona voters! Runlaur and I have promised to keep it slow and steady as a training run. I don't know why, but it seems that whenever we run, we push each other into faster paces than planned. so tomorrow, we will likely set course records. Weather is supposed to be perfect and  I'm bib number 299 for whatever that's worth. And I got my new shoes today. Very springy and new.

This past Thursday marked the first time in the plan, and the first time in my wretched running life, I have attempted Yasso 800's. The Yasso 800 is an interval plan that calls for a warm up, followed by sets of 800 meter Tempo runs and 400 meter cool down runs. The theory is that the time used to complete the tempo 800 can be used determine marathon finishing time. Thus, 4 minutes 27 seconds to run 800 meters should equal 4 hour 27 minute marathon. We did 4 sets of these, and the target pace for the tempo was 4:27. Nailed it, but it was not easy. I have my doubts Bart!
 look at those nursing home cool downs!

I did get the news while running that the stork finally came for Adam and Tiffany! So cool and I'm proud to be a friend. Hayden is cute, Adam is funny, Tiffany is the most patient spouse on the planet --we all know that. Now can we please get the center of attention back to me??!? Congrats to the Ricklef's!! :)

I've enjoyed reading your blogs lately. You really are a creative bunch and I appreciate your style and humor. I do have a running partner who could use a few followers and maybe some fellowship. If nothing else, she needs support for choosing me as a running partner. Her name is Suzanne, but I call her Johnson. Join her at


RunningLaur said...

See you in the morning!

Julie said...

I hope that your half marathon goes well! Good luck:) I like the races where I treat them like training takes the pressure off.

ShutUpandRun said...

Yassos always give me the runs. I use them instead of Xlax. They do work. Or they worked for me.

Going to visit Johnson's blog. Anyone you call Johnson should be a friend of mine.

Adam said...

It has onlyo been recently that I've moved away from yassos. I LOVE them and feel that they are a good distance to still pick up some speed but still beable to test your body.