Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Purchasing Power

I love registering for a race. And this marks the first time it has been free which is really nice for something that costs $130.
The promo code is a one time deal Adam!
This RnR marathing has gotten out of control. $130??!? I got a perk for Principaling at one of the schools that participates in Kids Rock. This fun kids event is sponsored by Phoenix Children's Hospital and each year, thousands of kids pull groin muscles, shoot snot rockets at 5:30am and wear compression lederhosen run a mile or three each week until they get 25 miles. Then they get to go on Saturday of RnR weekend and run the final mile of the course and get their picture taken with Ryan Hall, Meb, Darth Vader, and all the other elites out there. The kids get a big kick out of it and are inspired to exercise. I usually go with them which means getting out of bed at 4:30 the day before the race and riding a yellow bus down to Tempe with 75 nervous 4th graders. We have a code: "You get lost, you better stay lost!! everyone stay together and follow our sign." This year, I plan to show off a bit and let my kids know that I'm running the next day and trying to come in first place break 5:00. Hopefully they will be impressed. In any case, this counts as volunteering and its a heck of a good time!

Sorry about the negativity in the last post. I found out today that I may have a sinus infection. I'm not convinced. I went to one of those minute clinics and the nurse was a royal beeotch. And after waiting over 1 hour for the one patient ahead of me who I am sure was having a Whipple surgery. Anyway, she wrote a scrip for some antibiotics and I may fill it tomorrow. She told me to stop taking the over the counter stuff so what now??? My head is stuffed and snuffly and I have been snoring so bad my 3 year old swatted me in the face. I need relief. I tried a netty pot and nearly drowned. I just can't get the hang of that damn thing. Who has ideas for clearing my sinusy head?

I have a four miler scheduled tomorrow with 4 strides. And on Thursday, I have 6 miles of Yasso 800's (4:27'ers). Going to Scottsdale Community College to do those with Johnson and maybe Runlaur. Hopefully, they are able to come over for dinner afterwards. This weekend is supposed to be 18 miles, but I'm running in the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon and it is damn sure going to count as an 18 miler. I also am going to buy new sneaks Friday. I'll probably go with the same Nimbus 12's but a size longer to see if my toes heal.
Happy hump day!!


Jamoosh said...

Damn! At 130.00 free is the way to go.

Emz said...

I'm stealing your promo code.



Completely awesome.

RunningLaur said...

see you Thurs - be sure to send me a time!
And free is the way to go.

gene said...

hey, that's my favourite beer...FREE beer! woot! umm, i mean race....yea, that's the ticket!
glad to hear you might be getting your mojo back. as for the netty pot thing, i nearly drown, too. twice (slow learner!). i just don't get it. try some good ol vicks vapo-rub...

(word verification=thons, as in MARA......)

Adam said...

ahhh, you read my mind. I was totally going to try using that code :)

Ahhh, sinus infection will really screw with your body/running. Best to get that taken care of so you can kill your race this weekend!

Julie said...

Hi there,
Yes, the costs of races is going up! It is insane what I have paid for some of my half marathons! I am so much of a race junkie that I end up caving and signing up anyway:)

Sorry about the sinus infection. Sinus infections suck the big one! I am about due for one too. I am not saying that I want one! It is just usually this time of year I end up getting something nasty like a sinus infection. Take care of yourself:)

Anonymous said...

I was just looking up the cost of RNR AZ this morning because I was thinking of running it...but had to pause when I saw the price. Wowza!
Glad you're feeling somewhat better and good luck this weekend!