Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smell This... Does This Smell Bad??

Ran this morning 6 miles in 58 minutes w/Norman. He almost got a duck!! It was a nice run without incident. Plantar is talking bit on the left but no big worries. Calves fine, pulmonary fine.
Not dead dead, just dead drunk.... AGAIN!
Got home for my typical weekend post-run coconut water and had two big gulps before realizing something was.... wrong with the stuff. Not 'dead mouse' wrong, more like a dying mouse had taken a swim in the can before crawling off somewhere else to die --possibly in a Golden Arches product. A couple of small gags later, I was past it and moving forward in my morning recovering with water and coffee.

Pat's Run is coming up next weekend. 4.2 miles around Tempe with about 25,000 other meatheads. There are a few choices for approaching a run like this: Race, commemorate, socialize, other.
RTP's Strategy choices for Pat's Run 2011:
!. Go for a PR. Last year was 38:33 which is a 9:12 avg. pace. Uugggh, that's a fast time to beat, but doable. I was heavy into a 'roid phase this time last year, but this year I'm a better runner.
2. Run for fun with Harrison in stroller and finish in exactly 42 minutes to honor Officer Tillman. (option 2.1 is to handicap race against Adam and his man-child)
3. Run for fun then run 4 more miles after to get a long slow run in for the weekend. Fuck that I can tell you right now.

No matter what, this is a fun time each year and I'm looking forward to it. I'm definitely one of those runners who loves the atmosphere of a foot race of any type. I love the pre-race rituals and the waiting in the corrals, and all the post-race analysis. I don't care that I'm slower than most, I still can't believe that I can run at all. It's been a good Spring for me. Not as many miles as I has planned, but I'm healthy and heading into the Phoenix summer with a base that will carry me into the start of Marathon training in late August.

Dangling Thought: Will Nitmos ever admit it?


RunningLaur said...

Have fun at Pat's Run! and good work on the solid miles - you're gettin' faster!

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

Great that you're doing Pat's Run! I was going to do it.. but it's so expensive for such a short race! Have a blast with the meatheads!

Adrienne said...

That's nasty about the mouse thing. Dude I will be among the meatheads!! See you there, you can wait for me at the finish line since it sounds like you'll finish before me :)

Adam said...

MAN, you took TWO gulps before you realized!?