Friday, June 17, 2011

Accelerade Review

That's the culprit on the left
I bought a canister of Accelerade sports recovery powder and have now had 5 RTP servings. Yuckity yuckfuckingyuck it tastes awful. I have the lemon lime flavor and I mix a half scoop into about 32 oz's of water which is about 4 times diluted. I can't even imagine full strength. When I run, I sweat like Klinger on a Texas rooftop, and like the idea of replacing salts in my system, but I am hesitant to take salt pills. I'm not sure if I sweat enough to warrant the pills. This powder gives me one more excuse to drink water so that's my option.

Here is the nutritional information which you can also read without the aid of a telescope on the website:
Quite a bit of sugar, but it's definitely offset by the Potassium and Sodium, and the sugars miiiiiight be the 'good kind of sugar'. Magnesium isn't listed but somehow you get 30%. Someone in the know can hopefully supply a better analysis.

And now the nitty gritty:
It kinda tastes like when you chew a vitamin. No no.... it kinda tastes like when you fill your mouth with tempera paint powder and then chew a vitamin. No wait, I have it now. It tastes like when you chew a vitamin and chase it with tempera paint and then bite either end off of a pigeon embryo. Yes, that's it! Maybe not that bad, but without a doubt you are not drinking Gatorade. Hopefully someone else can give better information about the nutrition. For instance, is sucrose a bad thing? It's the first ingredient listed. WTF is sucrose? I know it's table sugar, but is that bad? They include yellow and blue food dyes to make that green color most people associate with Martian squeezings. Do I feel better and more recovered after I drink it? Who the hell knows. I usually drink quite a bit of water and then coffee after a morning run, and sometimes a coconut water or choc milk after an especially long run. This stuff might be helping, but I'm not sure. The can cost $23 which comes out to about 38 cents per serving if you are following the 1 scoop per 12 ounce suggestion. With the RTP dillution, it comes out to about 8 to 10 cents per serving which should please some of the cheapskate runners out there.

Overall RTP Rating:

Fig Newton = it's good for you and tastes ok, but who really wants it? Survival food.


Brian said...

lol! I think I'll stick to low-cal gatorade.

Anonymous said...

If it tastes bad...I can't drink it. Ick.

Adam said...

FIFTY servings? Do you seriously have FIFTY servings??!! That's a lot of fig newtons.