Thursday, June 23, 2011

Challenging Technical Climb

I went out this morning to attempt the summit of a local Sedona peak. I wanted to attempt this rigorous climb without all the spikes, ropes, oxygen, and other apparatus that separates novice climbers from pros like myself. The name of the mountain?
Teacup, as in K2 Teacup
Th entire route was about 3.5 miles, and most of it was spent gaping at the scenery. In addition to the Teacup trail, I navigated the daunting Sugarloaf path. There is almost no one out there early, and the trail was mostly in the shade. These trails meander up and down and there is a spike to the summit that takes about ten minutes at an easy climb. The views are spectacular of course. I ran some, walked some, and stopped to pick some magic mushrooms to slip into Harrison's juice.
summit views

coffee pot
You really can't lose your way; there are cairns about every 30-40 feet that look like this:
If you still insist on losing your way, then go die quietly away from the trail where you won't bother the rest of us. This trail kinda reminded me of Southeast Utah: lot's of red dirt, rocky trails, slickrock runoffs, and Mormon girls showing their ankles to passing hikers.
I was thinking about using this route for the SYTO 5K this Saturday, but there is also a track down the road. Hmmmmm, flat, measured and fenced from predators vs. hilly/rocky and possibly Grizzlies........


gene said...

"did you see the size of that CHICKEN???!!!!" BOOM! (young guns) (2?)
yabbut...predators/almost certain peril might improve your time.
thanks for the indirect reminder of the FYTO5k!!!
i loved hiking in the desert when i lived in Tucson. ahhh...

Adam said...

What is the worst that could happen? You get chased by a cougar and end up married to Demi Moore. Win/Win

Julie said...

I want to run in freaking Sedona!! Fun post with great pictures! LOL on Adam's comment! He always cracks me up! Keep up the great work!