Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Vacation (?)

We drove up to the Sedona house on Sunday for couple of weeks, and Norman the dog finally decided that his neck problem needed to manifest itself in a big way. He looked like Stallone and Mike Tyson teamed up to pummel his jaw. He was so swollen and infected in his neck area that the vet said he would only have lived another three days or so.
Someone please fill this radar dish with hotdogs.


We submitted him to their surgical care and they found foreign objects lodged in his tonsil area. He chews on everything so it wasn't a total surprise. One of the objects was a piece of blue plastic and the other two were barbed seeds of some sort. They installed drainage tubes for the abscess and packed the area with antiseptic. So that has kind of thrown a damper on things but he is on heavy duty antibiotics now and is mending rapidly. The vet said that he is not allowed to run, jump, splash, or do anything else you would normally do her in the northern AZ area (he is already trying to do all of those things and trying to yank out his tubes and stitches). Crap. There are really beautiful trails that start out right at the top of our street. If you ever need a vet in Sedona, we have a great one.
from the patio

Coffee Pot in the distance

some crappy weeds that I need to get poisoned and bulldozed

Feeeeeeeeeeeel the crystals glowing in your vortex (twss)

I'll go out tomorrow and take some photos from a runner's perspective. Everything here is super hilly so the Garmin will have some elevation recording to do, and I'll be running the SYTO 5K from here on Saturday so there will not be a 5K PR this weekend, but I will be running it at temps 15 degrees cooler than Phx! Who cares about that because we all know Adam is going to win his precious little race again because Adam always gets whatever Adam wants! My route will incorporate some roads and some trails and did I say hills?? At elevation??? Enough excuses, you get the idea.


Johann said...

Hope Norman is all better soon. Those are beautiful photos. Must be awesome to run there. I'm doing Adam's 5k as part of a 7.5k run Saturday although I'm in winter here.

Adam said...

Jeeeze, cripes dude. Good thing you caught that. Not cool at all.

The race isn't going to be the same without you. Less nudity, for one. Get me something fun from Sedona!!

Jamoosh said...

"Someone please fill this radar dish with hotdogs."