Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 Week plan

Setting goals helps me in life. My work life is a constant cycle of goal setting, evaluation, monitoring, adjusting, re-setting. With this calf thing (I have no idea what it is), I feel a bit defeated, but I'm still proud to have a running calf injury, and I'm currently melding a plan with a goal.

I have a relative who recently hurt his neck and was sore for a few days after a vigorous sneeze. In comparison, I think my running injury is truly earned and I'm actually more than a bit proud. Since starting running about Sept. of 2008, I've gone through a gamut of injuries including strained calf, plantar faciitis, ITBS, tired body, acute procrastination, and now the same calf thing. This is a dark thought, but I really hope I get the black toenail condition someday (let me know if I should not be wishing for this). The calf sometimes feels like a strain, but most of the time like a cramp. It's in the upper gastroc area, in deep  and a little to the outside (maybe soleus). It's very difficult to stretch it - I usually can't 'find' the area to stretch. This will sound weird, but I have to stand under a doorway and push up against the top of the doorframe with my back arched backwards to even feel the stretch. All common calf stretches feel normal to me. The only consistent time I feel the condition is when I start to run and when my wife really leans in on the foam roller. Very strange!

Yesterday, we walked one mile on the canal and then ran the mile back nice and easy (12ish). No problem and we were both very happy to just be outside in the beautiful weather on Jan. 1. The plan is to continue this (and possibly increase), along with the foam roller and cross training on my spin bike for the next two weeks and try to be ready for RnR AZ 1/2. Then continue to train on a plan till June for San Diego. My heart and lungs want to get back to 8 and 9 minutes/mile NOW!! By the by, the ad in Runner's World indicated the addition of a 1/2 in San Diego though their website is still not updated. That means my wife and her running partner can run the 1/2. Very cool and definitely a part of the plan.

If you're reading this, go fast for me please!!


Anonymous said...

I smiled when I read you wanted a black toenail! I like your positive thinking! Even though they are cosmetically not that great for wearing sandals/flip flops in public, I have to agree that it is a testament to my running. Glad you're keeping active. I've also heard that San Diego was planning to add a half this year. It was my 1st full marathon last year and hope to be able to run it again this year. They've changed the route this year, so maybe that is why there is no updated info yet.

Adam said...

Hopefully you're on the mend soon! I think RnR SD is going to be my new "goal" race next year. Hopefully we can BOTH be on our games come june!