Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Run Yet

Did 4 miles according to plan this morning and it was my best run yet. I built a route that uses 44th street going North from the canal and up to Stanford. This is a pretty decent uphill and then a sweet reward of mostly downhill back to 32nd street. This might be considered by experienced runners as Hills 101. That's fine, I don't feel ready for S. Mountain but I do realize that I have been running only flats this past year. Time to get out in the big water. Here's my Garmin data. The standstill waiting to cross Camelback at 44th street hurt my third mile, but I was PR fast for the rest of it. PR in a 5K is 30 flat. I'm going to volunteer at Runner's Den 5 mile/K next Sunday and attempt to shatter that.

Notice also the HR spike when I first start the run. That happens to me a lot. Is that normal? Would love your feedback.


Morgan said...

Woo hoo! Great job on the run! Gotta love those confidence boosting runs!

RunningLaur said...

You'll be able to PR for sure - as long as you're not an ice cube before the race starts! Thanks for volunteering!

Adam said...

NICE! You're really starting to pick up some speed now. Maybe the run that we should do together would be a south mountain run. We could hold each other's barf buckets! The great thing is that you will have to carry a LOT more of my barf than I would of yours I'm sure.

Pat said...

those are some fast times. I have an 8 letter word verification. Don't you want me to comment?