Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roctane review

Tried the Orange/Vanilla Roctane a few weeks back and have had calf trouble since. Conclusion: Roctane causes running injuries due to unexpected surges in speed and endurance, and has a tricky spelling. Actually, it tasted just like all other sugary gels and didn't seem to have any more impact. I suspect it would for better runners. I have been having calf cramping issues for the past three weeks and am still unsure about the PF Chang 1/2 marathon a week from tomorrow. I believe that my calf is cramping and then I am overstretching and causing micro-tears which lead to a propensity to cramp. I used to watch ER and watch House a lot. Any other ideas out there?

I went out this morning and ran 6.6 miles on the canal at a much slower pace (about 10:20/mile) and no pain. Saw some of the detritus of one of Adam's parties

At the 6 mile mark, my calf started to talk to me in a very small voice so I stopped. I had read some stuff on the internet about running on the balls of the feet, so I was thinking about that and trying it, and maybe it was making the difference. I have also increased my electrolyte consumption --I use Accelerade. I spent 45 minutes with a spiritual advisor/stock clerk at Sprouts looking through tiger venom balm, radioactive potassium suppositories, and calcium helmets and left the store empty handed and a bit discouraged. I eat 2-3 bananas a day and eat pretty well and take fish oil and a multivitamin and hotdogs from Costco, so I doubt I'm deficient in any vitamins especially potassium.

I am sticking to resolution to warmup and cool down and also stretch post-run. I walked 1/2 mile before running and made myself stay slow, then cooled down at four miles and again at 6. Look at these pigeons doing Tai Chi at 32nd street:

This was my message from above and I'm going to listen this time. I'll stretch Armstrong this week and keep cardio at a decent level and see what happens Sunday.

I'm really looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers/families this Friday.


Mel said...

Maybe the pigeons will let you join them. That might be the answer!

RunningLaur said...

I think I can agree with the Roctane causing sporadic bursts of energy! Hope the stretching goes well

Anonymous said...

Calf pain seems to be notorious for sticking around for a while. Is it possible you're dehydrated? With the weather being cooler sometimes we don't drink as much as our bodies need. That can cause cramping. With the Costco hotdogs (yum) and bananas, your sodium/potassium levels and carb levels should be good overall. Do you think your getting enough carbs just before /during your run? Low carbs can also be a factor.
You're doing great with your warm up/ cool down and stretching!

jeffg said...

Thanks Rio, I think I'm getting enough fluid. I'm drinking a ton just in case because dehydration is the prime suspect from all advisors. I am also working in Cytomax and Accelerade to ensure electrolytes. As for carbs, do the gels cover that?

I'm really excited for you this Sunday. I admire your training perseverance. Did you follow a particular plan to prepare for the marathon?

Adam said...

So THAT is where I left my keys! In the canal muck. It is always the last place you look!!

I have been having calf issues I'm no help at all.

I've been meaning to get a pair of recovery socks which are supposed to help. I'll keep you posted.

BTW - running on the balls of your feet will put more stress on your achillies / calves.

Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................

Pat said...

good luck with the half this weekend. I'm signed up for the full, but will run the half instead. Look for the guy with the "Half Fanatics" shirt.