Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bikram Baby!!

Blogging about my Bikram experience just isn't gaining any momentum ever since Lauren and Adam posted their experiences. If you want an entertaining recap about our experience, go here and here. Thanks so much to The Bikram Institute of Scottsdale, especially to Andrea, the owner, Robin, our patient instructor, all of the friendly employees

and the homeless guy in the parking lot who offered to pat me dry. I will tell you that I wasn't that phased by the Bikram experience because I couldn't do half of 'dat shit'.

The instructor spent a bit of time with me, but quickly realized that I would need the kind of special attention reserved for Warren from the movie There's Something About Mary.

I was pretty much able to handle the heat. Had to stop a few times and not move, but overall, the heat was what I expected. I had hydrated pretty well that day, and spent some time talking to others with experience. And I do like to sweat, but it never occurred to me to wring my towel out in the parking lot. Yuck Cool! Yuck!!

I highly recommend Bikram to those who are looking for something different. This would definitely count as cross-training and also as a mental break from life-stress--all you can think about for 90 minutes is staying alive.

Cake rating for Bikram Institute of Scottsdale!!

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gene said...

bonus points awarded for Something About Mary reference. kudos.

Anonymous said...

Are those really the instructors and staff there?!!!
Robert Palmer video flashback! (but with more skin and less red lipstick).

Jamoosh said...

Can I just eat cheesecake instead?

Adam said...

I like that picture you posted - I may go again just to see who else coaches!

Mmmm, cake

eve said...

Bikram, really?! Theresa is a full time addict. I tried it once and will never go back! TOO HOT! I'd rather run a full marathon than do that miserable activity again!

Theresa says it only gets better...I hope you are a better person than me and attend again!

Lisa said...

I took a few Bikram classes during the winter and really loved it, after the first two classes! it's incredible how much the heat allows your muscles to stretch! There's an article on today about people continuing to do bikram through the heat and humidity.