Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Semi-Vicarious Leavened Pseudo-Virtual Run(s) Giveaway

I'm making this up as I go. 

I am hereby challenging my readers to The First Annual Semi-Vicarious Leavened Pseudo-Virtual Run(s). The premise of this contest is that RTP followers will pick one day of the week (and this is for next week  Sunday thru Sat), assign a single running task to me for that day, have your task selected, complete the run you assign to me yourself, and report back to this blog in a daily recap.

There are two ways for a chance to win a loaf of homemade bread
1. Have your task selected
2. Join us in at least one of the daily runs and report

For each day next week, I will randomly select one follower's run to complete (if you are the only one who submits an entry for a day, you are automatic). That person has to complete the run also which hopefully prevents the 50 mile assignments from sneaking in. I'll randomly pick one person from the seven to win a loaf of bread.

The rest of you can join in the daily runs, post here your results, follow this blog, and each completed run will earn you a chance to win the SECOND LOAF!

Get it?

  • Pick one (only 1) day of the week for next week (Sun thru Sat)
  • Prescribe a run (be considerate, it's late July in Phoenix and no barefoot shit)
  • We both complete the run that day
  • Report back on this blog at the end of that day. Remember, we are not time-competing against each other, just trying to complete the run and have some fun.
  • Wait for the bread (1 in 7 chance)

To have your run chosen for one of the days, you must follow the above instructions and you must follow this blog. You will get extra chances to be drawn for following any of the blogs I follow (up to 3 extra points, separate comment each). You get an extra chance for

  • mentioning this contest on your blog. 
  • You can also get an extra point if you follow me on Twitter (jgeyer66) but you will be sorry, my Tweets are flat. 
  • Also for retweeting this message "New Contest at Running Through Phoenix --First Annual Semi-Vicarious Leavened Pseudo-Virtual Run(s) --check it out!!"
  • Lastly, RTP followers get a point for completing each run, just report your results here. Please list each in a separate comment.

Ready.......  set......... Go! (on Sunday.... go on Sunday)


gene said...

first! I am in. what a great idea. my head is spinning already, of course, but i have a few days to wrap my head around it. (i stole the baby picture for my wallpaper!)
btw, thank you for getting my butt out for a run this morning.

Running Through Phoenix said...

Glad to have you in the contest Gene. Now take another 1/2 hour to figure out the instructions and follow them! Maybe the week will go by before people figure out what they have to do. See ya.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Not sure if there is an award for most confusing contest entry but you're a shoo-in! Sounds like fun and the bread looks good.

RunningLaur said...

Since I've already had a sampling of the bread, I can let others duke it out. But, if you need a day filled, let me know and I'll make up something crazy (ie - we're doing A mountain, and Adam's in town next week)

gene said...

HOLY SOURDOUGH!! is it contest week ALREADY? well, here is a suggestion for TODAY, Tuesday the 3rd...
(since it is already late in the day)...8x100m sprints with 200m jog/walk in between. or use utility poles. or, if you live in a close neighborhood, every 3rd driveway. but go back and forth, not round and round. that way you are always only 100m from home and a cool shower!