Friday, July 9, 2010

Nathan's Catalyst Alka-Sport Drink Review

Just a quick review of this product.
I picked up a tube of lemon-lime Nathan Catalyst drink mix tablets from Runners Den and threw them in the gym bag. After running hills yesterday, I tossed one in my water cup and after about 1 minute of fizz fizz, it was ready for consumption.

These tubes contain about 16 tablets, and each tablet prepares 24 oz's of sports drink. Each tube costs about $7 or $8 so that comes out to about... mmmmm..... well the cost is not the important part. I felt refreshed and balanced in hydration after drinking it, and I like the ease of preparation.

You can read the ingredient particulars, but it has all the usual stuff and tastes pretty good. The big bonus (for me) is that it is effervescent and I love bubbles. Looks like I've been wearing an Al Qaeda hostage hood all summer. Must work on face tan.

It goes flat after a short time but still has a good flavor.
Overall Rating assigned: Cake

And here is the new product review rating system you have been waiting for:
Cake = it's great and I highly recommend this product. Keep your fingers away from my mouth.
Cupcake = pretty good product, take it for what it is worth, leaves me wanting MORE
Fig Newton = it's good for you and tastes ok, but who really wants it? Survival food.
Cow pie = not on your life, but it's sometimes fun to watch others interact with this.


Tricia said...

great review!

Andrew Opala said...

LOL - good rating system

Anonymous said...

Like your rating scale!
Never seen this before-thanks for the review!

Adam said...

and now the cow pie makes sense. (I wish it was the first time I'd said that, but it isn't)

that stuff sounds a little pricey, but you can't beat it for convenience. How many cals per serving?