Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Melon Patch-icide

Had to pull up the watermelon and cantaloupe plants. They were spreading like wildfire and choking out the other plants, including the precious tomatoes. Can't have that.

Dead watermelon vine.

The vines creep out and wrap little tendrils around the other plants to secure the plant. We thought it would make nice ground cover and give us free food, but we will need to grow a separate patch somewhere else in the yard next spring.

We started this little project back in the March and have had good reaps for the past two months in zucchini, bell peppers, and tomato (4 different varieties). The eggplants are producing fruit but they have not really been edible. They are Japanese and we haven't been able to tell when to pick them.

(the botanical definition of fruit is a ripened seed bearing ovary).

This is a photo of a ripened seed bearing ovary.

Actually, it is Adam the Boring Runner, who is one of the funniest and entertaining bloggers out there -and a hell of a good runner. I urge you to check out his blog. There is a current contest giveaway for compression socks that is worth entering.

And don't forget that Jamoosh's special big boy b-day is this Saturday. He like Transformers, Legos, small-batch 'chewy' beer, and disturbing tattoo/piercing photos.


Jamoosh said...

That's chewy Transformers and disturbing photos of Lego piercings.

Luke said...

sorry to hear about your melon. I have a similiar problem, I can't find my watermelon plants due to my 1 cucumber growing 8 feet in every direction.

Anonymous said...

That Chinese Character commenter really likes your blog! At least you've got some produce from your garden this year. My kids started theirs too late and nothing is producing.

Adam said...

Man, you're on fire with the asian porn comments.

NOOOOOO, kill the tomatoes, save the melons! hehe - melons. When are you going to invite me over to see your underwear drawer...I mean garden?

gene said...

ok. finally at a connection where i can comment! any story about melons is a good story. i was just thinking last night...why not carve out a watermelon like a pumpkin? could be fun....

Anonymous said...
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