Friday, November 26, 2010

The Old Sucky Three's

Maybe its the three post I started a week ago that took my mojo......

Triathlon Ironman AZ weekend and I'm not in it.... AGAIN!
Puppy is shitting about 3 times per day in the yard
3 day work week --nice unless you are the Principal
HJG turned 3, that's a good thing, BUT.....
3 cupcakes yesterday
3 pieces of pizza
3 b-day cinnamon rolls
1 kids juice (yeah that's one but have you ever had one?? It's a three)
3 cups of coffee
3 big handfuls of potato chips...

A pattern, albeit a touch contrived, is emerging. My 12 mile (12/4 =3 --SEE!!???!!!)  run this morning was sucky and my 14 miler last weekend was sucky. The time this morning wasn't so bad, but I never got into a rhythm and never felt good about the run. I'm blaming my intake from yesterday. Bad goes in, bad goes out. The 12 miler 3 weeks ago was done in about the same time as this morning's run, but felt so much stronger.

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Anonymous said...

When you have your awesome upcoming 12 milers and 14 can look back at these crappy ones and appreciate them all the more. Hang in there! It will HAPPEN..HAPPEN..HAPPEN (see, the power of 3 working there?)
And Happy Bday to HJG!