Saturday, November 6, 2010

Running With Norman/Johnson

I marked "Finding a Running Partner" in my 2010 list of New Years Resolutions, and scored big this week with a human version who runs just about my pace and a future canine version who runs four minute miles in circles while peeing, barking, and self-fellating.
Norman prefers Asics
Norman has a while before he is road-ready. We are working on leash skills and basic commands, and it is best to start a dog slowly in running. The good news is that he is willing and of the correct breed for partner running. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, I made contact with an old friend who has been running for a few years and is experienced in the 1/2 Marathon distance. We ran hills this past week and 12 miles this morning. Johnson has a great sense of humor and we work in the same industry so we have lots to complain talk about. Johnson has read my blog but is not really interested (love it!). Johnson is already registered for the PF Chang 1/2 in January but is slowly being influenced by my wheedling to run the full.

Running with a partner makes a big difference for me. The 12 miles this morning were a lot more fun with someone to talk to, and it wasn't a problem when I went ahead for the last 3 miles. We still met up for coffee after and also met up with Artman Chris who went 40 minutes today.

I do love my solitude, and its necessary for certain training segments, but I also really like running in a pack. I have 27 miles on tap this week with 15 next Saturday. Form has been good and my paces are a little faster than the plan calls for, but it feels natural so I am going with it. Have a great rest of your weekend, and good running!

Special vibes out to Adam who is going for a PR in San Antonio this coming weekend and SUAR who is trying to heal a stress-fractured hip in time to break all the public-defecation laws in Massachusetts on April 18.


Mel said...

Norman is adorable! Glad you found 2 new partners :)

Adam said...

Thanks for the shout out, I think I'll need all the kind words I can get.

I go back and forth on running with people vs running alone. I seem to run alone a lot so I have just gotten used to that. Probably because I grunt a lot when I run - or because I pee while running. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

I see Norman is already digging the shoes...lots of promise there. Glad you were able to find a running partner of the human variety, too!

Suzanne said...

Hi. Thanks for including me in your blog this time. I did read it this week!! Hope you have a good recovery run tomorrow. See you Tue/Wed/Thu.!! :)