Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sport Beans Yeccchhhh!

I got a pack of these in some shwag bag recently and they sat on my dresser top for a while until the other day. I took them to eat on the way to a hill repeat workout with Runlaur. Sport Beans are manufactured by Jelly Belly, a dubious name in sports at best, and this endorsement by Kevin Bacon does little to improve the rep. Really?? Mr. Bacon? (Really it's Brad Seng, an amazing Ironman athlete, 9:12 at Kona in 2006, I seriously doubt he has ever ingested one of these)
Kevin Bacon??
The purple package contained about 8 or 10 grape flavored jelly beans and I could definitely feel the grainy crunch of sugar crystals in each bite and also the ersatz grape 'berry' flavor. Grapes are technically berries along with melons and tomatoes but there all resemblance stops.

The website includes a link to published research, a foray sure to be more amusing than a trip through the Comedy Channel lineup. Example: "In addition, the athletes completed the time trials with the highest average "power outputs" with Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans."
I can live with that

Power Outputs from beans should only be used as material in The Boring Runner Blog and SUAR's blog, but here it is in this Sweet Home Alabama of a blog.

Hey, no more time wasted on these disgusting sugary little rabbit turds. I'll never buy them.

RTP Product Rating:

Cow pie = not on your life, but it's sometimes fun to watch others interact with this


Pretend this is real said...

I agree! I tried them once and ended up swallowing all of them whole. Chewing them & breathing simultaneously wasn't working for me.

gene said...

one of the funniest blogs i have read this week! i appreciate the honesty, and i am also glad to know that i am not the only person who thought that dude looked like kevin. would that count in a game of 6 degrees of kevin bacon?
keep up the great running. 15 miles on saturday! NICE. i am inspired...

Adam said...

Agree agree agree. Although, it scares me that you have cowpie as a benchmark on your blog. How can you relate food to a cowpie unless you've ATE poop? Hmmm

Did you pay off Gene for his comment?

RunningLaur said...

yeah, I have to say I'm not the biggest fan. Live and learn, eh. And run hills!

Anonymous said...

I can't eat solids while I run, so it's not for me either.
Now I can't see that ad without seeing Kevin Bacon. Thanks.Thanks, a lot.

Kevin said...

I really do not like these either.