Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Heard every version of this vomitous xmas song about 25 times this season. But dang, it was cold this morning.
It's 6:45 outside!!
32 according to the thermometer, and not Celsius like Andrew from Canada reports-- Fahrenheit! Mrs. G went out for her run with the neighbor first and reported that the cold was not so bad. And I did get to try out my new Under Armor running gloves, Under Armor skull cap, and Under Armor running shirt under my one long sleeve shirt. Hey Under Armor --some free stuff? I went four miles with my running partner Suzanne, but she has been feeling under the weather ever since inhaling incense at the local Catholic church.
Stems and Seeds

We hit the road and I  could tell right away something was up with the partner. She usually has the lead and drags me, and this time I was the pace engine. We kept it fairly slow but got faster each mile-I went ahead in the last mile and got 8:54 which feels really good lately. Suzanne was 20 seconds or so behind me and put in a heck of a run for someone with TB.

If anyone were to conclude that we are wimps in Phoenix, well just remember that eight months out of the year we have to plan life-saving hydration plans just to go get the mail. Cold is cold, and I like running in it.

Getting out of a heated bed, dressing for cold, and getting a preview from the dog walk is not fun, but once I get going, it's nice and I feel stronger than I usually feel on a run. A big goal lately has been to run injury-free, and that seems to be a developing pattern. Runs like this one inspire me to keep going and go a long way towards running mojo --that elusive ethereal humor that randomly throws me a burst of running energy and motivation and (just as randomly) abandons me at the ice cream case of my local Safeway. Fucker! I didn't mean it, come back!!! I love you!!!! That's my pookie, come here. Let's get Chinese and watch a Netflix. (Mojo make up sex edited)

Ok, Blog milestone minute: RTP has 49 followers. 50 will spark a contest. So, if you have been thinking of becoming a follower, why not do so today? If you are thinking about dropping me like the soap bar in the gas station bathroom, hold on a bit longer. For God's sake, just hold it a bit longer..........


ShutUpandRun said...

I'm #50. Do I win? Do I get to take an ice bath in that bathroom?

Adrienne said...

It has been cold here the last few days but isn't it fun to put on your "winter" running clothes and get some use out of them? They have missed me since Colorado. That bathroom is nasty.

Jamie said...

It HAS been really cold!! I'm so used to cool weather in the winter months, but this is pretty freezing for Arizona. My runs have been inside. Great job for getting out there!

Pretend this is real said...

Ugh. That last picture was... um... lovely. Happy New Year!

Adam said...

YES!!! 50th follower!!! Gimme some free loot!!

Injury free running is BY FAR the best indicator of success. I'm working towards it as well.

Anonymous said...

That bathroom!! Glad you're liking the colder weather!

Nitmos said...

I want the toilet.

I left worst than that behind.

Pick your joke.