Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review of CEP Calf Compression Sleeves

Ever had that fantasy dream that you are invisible and can sneak into the girl's locker room? Then you see SUAR's shoes under a stall door and you wake up in a cold sweat clutching blankie?
Picked up a pair of these compression sleeves in hopes that they would help with my calf problems. CEP, a German company, claims that they are good for athletes of all types and markets a few different styles customized to running, tri, walking, skiing, etc. Just what "CEP" stands for, I can't figure. Compression Exercise Products? Something with "Enters"? Who knows for sure. Maybe Heinrich, but he ain't sayin. I got the "All Sport Sleeves" which seemed to be just what I needed.
Heinrich tapping a kidney
I went out for a short slow run this morning due to the recent return of the hurtful calf. I've been dealing with a recurring calf strain for abut 3 years now, though its been quiet for the last 10 months or so. I also just picked up a new pair of Brooks Glycerin shoes at 20% off thanks to Runners Den and Books, though no thanks to Adam who was only able to score me a free Brooks bandana at the Expo.

You can guess where that bandana ended up. I have used (and will continue to use) the foam roller, the Stick roller, all kinds of stretches, extended sleep, and cheese binging to help alleviate the calf problem. These are my latest attempt to try to control the problem while continuing to run. I was measured at Runners Den (size 44! centimeters) which translates to size IV in CEP language and 14 inches in Arizona. 14 inches... 14 innnnnnnches. Speaking of language, the package includes six languages besides English. What a review this is turning out to be!

I have to say I really like them. They fit really nice. Snug and comfy throughout the hour. I felt like they were doing what they are supposed to do. And a true test of effectiveness; I felt my calf pain, but it was mild and did not increase with speed (I ran 1/2 mile of the almost 5 miles at 7:00). I'll go again tomorrow morning and finish the review.

Ok. That was a nice run with my friend Suzanne. And, though  bit slow, we ran pretty much at training pace. The last mile was fast and the last fraction of a mile was blazing. And no calf problems. I could feel lefty a little bit, but not a pain, just a reminder. So, in the end, my claim is that these sleeves work great and are helping me get out on the road when I might otherwise be recuperating on the couch.

Overall RTP Rating:
Cake = it's great and I highly recommend this product. Keep your fingers away from my mouth.


GeorgiaSnail said...

adding a pair of compression sleeves to my long run wardrobe was the best purchase I have made in a long time...I don't feel the ache is my legs as long-recovery is much quicker...I hope they work with your calf issues

RunningLaur said...

niiiice that they're working - or seem to be working. anything that lets you get in the fun miles!