Monday, January 17, 2011

Trader Joe's: Joe Joe's

Monkey See, Monkey Eat
These cookies are pretty damn good. Notice the "All Natural" claim on the top of the box. The only ingredient I didn't recognize as a common pantry baking item is Soy Lecithin. After reading about this compound, I feel ok in my spirit that it won't hurt me.

The flavor of choice is chocolate, though I am partial to the vanilla, and during the December holidays peppermint comes to town and  my brain goes to junkietown for a few days.

For the review to be complete, these need to be compared to Oreos - the penultimate daddy late night Sportscenter milk dipping cookie. (Hey, I've completed many penultras!) This cookie stands next to The Big Daddy in our family photo of sugar treats, but only as a healthy, though clearly subordinate, little brother. For the bilateral cookie casements, these two are equal. But the filling tells a different tale. Oreos have a cream center --dare I say Centre??-- that has a positive sugary snap and a perfect grainy grind against the teeth and tongue. Joe Joe's in comparison have a smooth creamy filling that lacks but is still a notch above ok. Jamoosh and Viper, if you were stuck with only American convenience store grade O'Fool beer would you abide and partake, or subside on your bank of IPA memories and tap water----- self-said pariahs with growler size holes in your hearts? Adam, I won't ask you, you MGD64 whore! I can't speak for Oreo ingredients. I'm sure Oreos also have chemicals that make me eat entire sleeves on the drive home from the market, but my treatment program doesn't allow me to even shop in that aisle. My browser is fire-walled from searching, and does it matter? No. The Oreo is better.

In the end, I give this product a high RTP rating and urge you to practice moderation.

Cake = it's great and I highly recommend this product. Keep your fingers away from my mouth.


Andrew Opala said...

can you send me a pack ... don't have them here ... they're illegal or something ...

Adam said...

After eating 1 of those, I could have instead had 5 MGD64s, striped naked, and danced on the table making enough money to buy 5 more MDD64s. All for the same calories.

See, it is all about choices.

Nitmos said...

Fudge stripes are my sugar drug of choice. Generic brand fudge stripes at that!

Diana said...

I LOVE those cookies! I also dig Newman's own, they are great! Cool site! Bummer you couldn't run the half. I was injured to but somehow made it work.

Hope you are running soon.

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